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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: The Good, The Bad And The Baby

We wrote a lot of stories about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez this year, as much. There was just so much to write about, after all, they are the hottest, most powerful teenage couple in the world.

It has been pressure treated very surprisingly well, basically, act like your average teen couple ... and a pair of teenagers who get to hang out at awards shows and go to the luxury appointments and constantly asked what he liked "to deal with the media attention on them" by members of the press ...

Congratulate them on being so connected to the ground and the other how happy we compiled our Top 10 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2011. Let your journey snogs, snakes and baby rumors are developed...

 At the beginning of February this year Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made ​​his first official public outing as a couple at the Oscars. The world waits anxiously to see what you would use / how to act / if they kissed.

Controversy was a kind of matching costumes, party look, but when looked at each other's eyes (all the time), the world nawwww (except for all the people who started shouting abuse and sending Selena Gomez death threats on Twitter ...)

Emma Watson, Justin Bieber Has Most Influential Hairstyles Of 2011

Emma Watson and Justin Bieber was the most influential haircut of 2011, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"The stylists are being flooded with requests for pixie cuts and whistle Bieber. Enthusiasm playing online, where the fastest growing search for celebrity haircuts on google are from Mrs.Watson and Mr. Bieber" writes the magazine.

The 21-year-old star of Harry Potter first chopped her hair in the late summer of 2010, telling his fans on Facebook, Ive wanted to do this for years and years, is the most liberating thing ever. She had held her cropped do. 

Bieber, 17, has shaken up the long, side swept by the man hits since coming to the music scene or so appearances such as this.  Have you ever received a celebrity-inspired to do?  Original view Emma Watson, Justin Bieber been most influential hairstyles 2011 at

Justin Bieber Eyes Up Sexy Fans NBA? Selena Gomez May Not Like It!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is one of the hottest celebrity couple ever, but that did not stop to check out some of Justin's super hot fans at the recent Toronto game! To be fair, Justin had a lot on his mind, what with his grandparents' terrible car accident (Bruce and Diana Dale, all right) and mother of Selena in a miscarriage. A lot goes Biebs, so maybe he deserves a little candy eyes?

Photos published in the Daily Mail UK newspaper show Justin Bieber, without Selena Gomez, taking the game NBA Raptors with some guy friends. After a couple of photos, Justin definitely seems to be enjoying the fans' enthusiasm to address the court. This is not what he leering at them in the end. ... It just seems purposeful. Maybe he just appreciates their dance talent!

Or maybe Justin Bieber just a 17-year-old, red-blooded male.Safe bet that if Selena Gomez pranced around in a cheerleading outfit for him, he would have been more focused than! Now, spending time with his family of Selena after the tragedy, so why not enjoy the night and the boys take in your favorite sporting event? Just remember, Justin, that the paparazzi are everywhere - try to keep an eye on the ladies!

Justin Bieber Fans Of Christian To Pray For His Family After A Car Accident?

Nothing inspires people to ask for favour from God as fast as the news that one of their close friends and family members loved one was injured in a car accident. This time it was Justin Bieber who was on the receiving end of a call that his great Canadian was involved in a tragic - but fortunately not fatal - car accident. Their car apparently left the road, overturned, struck a tree and then came back. Have they been saved by God's hand? Fans who are real Beliebers think so.

If anyone deserved to have a relaxing Christmas after a year of growing fame, charitable donations, humanitarian work, and all around the kindness, the young pop singer Justin Bieber he deserved. But even if he made ​​it clear Santa's nice list, the Bieber experienced a personal tragedy, shortly after Christmas Day. Several sources reported that large-Bieber were involved in a serious car accident, and Gossip Cop has confirmed the story. Now all his Christian friends, fans, and family are praying for them.

Cop Gossip reported that Justin Bieber's mother, Patti Mallette, spread the word on Twitter about the accident. She said her grandparents reversed the car and landed in a ditch just two days after Christmas, totaling the vehicle. Bieber father had broken ribs and her grandmother suffered a broken finger, but otherwise, the pair were listed in fair condition, mom says Bieber. There is no word on the cause of the accident, but mum Bieber asked fans to pray for Justin and the rest of the family.

Justin Bieber is a devout Christian. The accident took place just outside of Stratford, Ontario, native Bieber says the Inquisitor. But confirming the rumor was easy as a tweet asking for prayers was actually shared by his mother. Patti Mallette tweeted:

"My parents had a car crash today. They spilled into a ditch and reached the car, but thank you God, they are alive! My father has broken ribs. Plz pray 4 April his speedy recovery! Count your blessings and forgive ur parents forever. U never know what tomorrow will bring! (Sic). "

Neither Justin Bieber or his personal representatives have said nothing publicly about the accident, but it is not unlike the Bieb to keep his personal affairs private for long.

Just earlier this year, when the accused by a fan of paternity its 3-month-old child, Justin kept largely silent, saying only that he would take a paternity test if necessary and also had "never met this woman [Mariah Yeater]. "fans who prayed his lies and manipulations of the media seemed to be exposed to their wish that the prayers were answered that she drop the lawsuit after he agreed to take a paternity test.

Justin Bieber (who has been at the head of the list as a celebrity humanitarian) spoke in response, but still had little to say about why a woman would be so much worse than other chalk as part of life that it leads. He did the best he could, trying to turn every interview on the baby daddy drama an opportunity to take a free rein to his Christmas album (the one that was made in favor of a variety of organisms charitable food bank).

ABC quotes Bieber as a young celebrity ready to turn the other cheek proverbially (as they say), shares his comment:

"As far as the situation baby together, it is unfortunate that it had to happen like that. That people make false accusations, but things in this industry and you just have to keep your head up and be positive and that's it
Did I really say. "

Justin Bieber lived with his grandparents for a time when he was younger and he and his mother were in trouble, a fact that is highlighted in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which was released in theaters earlier this year . So of course they remain close to his heart and star celeb is likely to pray for their speedy recovery and otherwise just want to move on. What a champion!

Perhaps all the drama of this year will encourage Bieber to begin another round of work celebrity humanitarian and green, as he did with MyCharity: Water and a portion of the proceeds from his latest album, Under the Mistletoe. Justin also supports Children's Miracle Network hospitals, Red Cross and pencils promise.

Right now, the Bieber is more interested in relaxing and watching the NBA, if there is a truth to his recent tweets.

After working so hard this year and make it to second place on the list of celebrities of 2011 the most charitable, we can understand why he wanted to relax accept prayers for her recovery and emotional healing from the shock of incident calmly instead of putting into service of plants rumor questions about his family.

If you are one of the many wish Beliebers who wants his family to speed healing and pray for him, please leave a comment below on facebook, or a Tweet this link is good news to show his support.

Justin Bieber Playing Alongside Mark Wahlberg In The Film Basketball

Justin Bieber was chosen to play a star basketball youth in a new film alongside Mark Wahlberg, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported Thursday.

Wahlberg told MTV News of yet unnamed film, which will go into production in 2012 would be similar to Martin Scorsese's The Color of Money, a film in which Paul Newman resumed its role as a pool hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson in supervise a young champion played by Tom Cruise.

Wahlberg, 40, had expressed interest in working with Bieber last August, saying he wanted to make a dream come true for her young daughter Ella Rae, an ardent supporter of the "baby" singer.

Although Bieber, 17,was featured in a documentary about his meteoric rise to fame, "Never Say Never," and made guest appearances on "CSI" - that would mark his first role in a drama scripted.

But Wahlberg told MTV that he has full confidence in the acting chops young crooner.

"I see the guys and I spent time with him and see what it does and how he does it, and then you actually have a conversation with him and he is there," said Mark Wahlberg.

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Justin Bieber Movie Never Say Never

Justin Bieber movie called Never Say Never, not to be confused with one of Justin Bieber song is called Never Say Never. If you want to see a clip of Justin Bieber - Never Say Never, you can enter the Never Say Never in search of J.

Bieber or just click on Music Videos at the top of each page.Back to Justin Bieber movie called Never Say Never, if that is what you are looking for and you have not seen the movie yet, do not hesitate to check out the movie trailer Justin Bieber previous message.

Justin Bieber - Love Me

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Love Me.

Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl

Music video by Justin Bieber performing One Less Lonely Girl. (C) 2009 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Justin Bieber Grandparents Serious Accident Car

Justin Bieber Grandparents In A Traffic Accident Near Stratford

Justin Bieber with his grandfather, Bruce Dale, in 2009.Grandparents singer was involved in a serious car crash Tuesday near Stratford. Dale broke four ribs, while his wife Diana was not injured.

Justin Bieber's grandparents were involved in a car accident near Stratford on Tuesday.

Bruce Dale and Diane were in a street in the city of Perth, northeast of his hometown, Stratford, when his truck hit the road covered with ice and fell into a ditch Tuesday afternoon.

Dale broke four ribs, but Diane was unhurt.

Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, Twitter Tuesday night that her parents had been in a car accident and asked Bieber followers to pray for his speedy recovery.

"It turned into a ditch and struck the car, but thank God they are alive! Plz pray 4 him 4 fast healing! Count your blessings and forgive Ur parents always. U never know what tomorrow is," he wrote.

Within minutes, his request was distributed to "prayforjustinsgrandparents #" and "Bruce and Diane," a trend on Twitter.

Flash Freeze trapped Dale, who was driving, with the guard around 1 pm, said Const. Kees Wijnands, which handles media for the Ontario Provincial Police in Perth County.

"The vehicle rolled into a ditch and hit some bushes and small trees. The vehicle ended up on its wheels, but a full roll," said Wijnands. "The vehicle was completely destroyed, and the two occupants were fine."

Dale was taken to Stratford General Hospital, where he was treated and released the same day.

The pop sensation Bieber, who was in Stratford for the holidays, has not commented on the accident

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