Sunday, 4 December 2011

Justin Bieber Starts Disney Christmas Parade

Here's what I gleaned on Minnesotoj today for the Disney Park Christmas parade for all of you, Justin Bieber fans out there: If you don't want to miss it, you need to look at the very beginning of the show.

I haven't seen the Biebs himself, but to watch host Mario López write his script, it became clear that Justin Bieber is going to be the first act to perform in the Christmas traditions.

Parade airs on ABC television stations on Christmas day (check your local listings to find the exact time).

Other things to learn or experience on the tape:

• I had forgotten how crowded invitees may be, and how I and others are getting impatient waiting for something — anything — to happen.

• Kudos Billy Joe Flanigan, veteran Disney artist who has the thankless, difficult to entertain the crowd, spans the entire length of the main street, United States.Itself ...hours. He sang several songs, he threw in some dances, he added a lot of shtick, he interviewed guests he invited guests to sing, he invited the guests to dance, he bent his biceps on demand — nothing to keep us entertained.

• Mario Lopez is the same height as man in Christmas Parade (and a little bit skinnier). Women continue to squeal in front of him and shout "Slater!" loudly.In my ear.Really far Slater? Isn't it "saved by the Bell" 20 years now?At least?

Adaptation soundtrack • Funniest: Halloween Parade music with segment pirates Christmas Parade (it won't be Christmas without pirates, you know): where the texts of the parade to say "happy day", dead silence, as if sliced and diced with the song home audio editing software.

• Of course, audio may be rejiggered for the actual TV show. Hopefully, that awful young Disney star du jour song that continuously played most of the morning is not the actual song used.

• Rarely seen signs noticed: Pocahontas was accompanied by Captain John Smith, and Captain Shang, Mulan was escorted. Seen with the ball and dressed on Christmas day Florida: the jungle book Mowgli, clowning around with Baloo.

• The best scene-stealers: Disney furry cartoon creatures even could not compete with some real life puppy adorably climbing from breast-pirate and shower it with works López kissing (i.e. a lot of licking his face). Puppies, star of Disney "Santa buddies" etc were there to promote their new film, "treasures of friends".


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