Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Justin Bieber Bestows Car On Bestie

Christmas is the season of giving, but most people do not earn loot in the form of many thousands of dollars vehicles. Luckily, having a famous friend has its distinct advantages. Bestie Justin Bieber's childhood Ryan Butler, recently learned that, with the help of a kickass Christmas gift from his brother from another mother.

Bieber Butler with a sweet surprise-made convertible for the holidays, Butler promptly on Twitter late on Christmas Day. The talented Ford Mustang convertible in white with black trim some sweets. It is no murderer, huge tires, but it seems that the main type of car to pimp out skillfully. Plus it was free for the owner, which is always an advantage. Butler, seems to agree, talk about their present and taking into account their fear.

             "Justin brought me a gift. # Booty !!!."

Bieber became known for the wonderful gifts lavish who cares. The pop star 17 years old, have a puppy with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and in September took his bride on a release date ass rent share the Staples Center. Never with the success of his hit movie Never Say, man has a little pocket change to spend. About time you gave some members of his love, too. While passing the time spent in Canada for the holidays is an ideal time to give a bit of generosity and I am happy to see that came in the form of a good car.


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