Sunday, 11 December 2011

16-Year-Old Boy Asks Justin Bieber For Prom

This rastitelno.Vyshe high school sophomore is very, very much wants, Justin Bieber go the prom with him, and in June last year he posted a passionate invitation on YouTube. Interwebs take notice. Belieber wants to make it clear that he simply invites Biebs as a friend. "No," he explains, "I'm not gay." Heck, Bieber did not even first choice for children's prom date.

There is, apparently, some girl in his school that he had better take it, but he is confident that she will turn it down. Biebs,therefore, its backup date."The plan Bieb",if you wish. "If Justin Bieber goes to the prom with me as a friend," he says, "that would make my prom - as it does not get any better than we would Arcs, jerk, Cat Dad with us!.Can make Cupid mix together.Cha-Cha slide, you know. 

And maybe, if you want, you can bring to our friend too. Selena Gomez.If it makes you happy. Because, you know, you won’t ever ball."Solid reasoning!”So, Justin," he says. "I'm a big fan of yours. And could you go to prom with me?"because I'm the guy who asks you to prom."Three weeks ago, we invite passionate Belieber landed him a radio interview Roadrunner.

It may also have earned him a mockery. It still has a VID to entitled "Sympathy for Guy bullied Justin Bieber", which is set to private. If this is what it seems, then - do not listen to them, Belieber. Most of the guys have stuck with you "U Smile" stuck in my head too, but were too afraid to admit it. Never apologize for taste.


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