Sunday, 11 December 2011

So Justin Bieber Show Attracts Ridicule From Twitter Users

Twitter users watch teen star Justin Bieber star in a TV show entitled This Is Justin Bieber expressed their evaluation of the program.

Here is Justin Bieber and ITV broadcast and saw the teen star on the stage to perform his famous hits, as well as footage Bieber visiting various parts of the UK.

And the hour-long program, which was presented to Reggie Yates, has not gone, but the viewers as ITV Execs might have hoped, but dozens of them went on Twitter to share their contempt for the show.

One viewer tweeted, "I defeat my head against the wall for an hour is better than Justin Bieber," while another said simply: "This Is Justin Bieber just awful, no two opinions.

Another user Twitter quipped: "This Is Justin Bieber", and this is my remote, change the channel.

Contempt is also sprinkled with Justin Bieber fans attending the show. One of the most popular tweet read: "What has 400 legs and 3 pubic hairs? Audiences in this Justin Bieber"

But, of course, there were those who used the program, the so-called "Beliebers" jumping on the defense of his idol, as shown on the air.

One writes: "This Is Justin Bieber best program ever! Thanks to ITV to show the world our children JB! Xxx".

Another added: "This Is Justin Bieber followed by Factor X final, best of all.The night.Ever before. "


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