Friday, 30 December 2011

Justin Bieber Playing Alongside Mark Wahlberg In The Film Basketball

Justin Bieber was chosen to play a star basketball youth in a new film alongside Mark Wahlberg, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported Thursday.

Wahlberg told MTV News of yet unnamed film, which will go into production in 2012 would be similar to Martin Scorsese's The Color of Money, a film in which Paul Newman resumed its role as a pool hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson in supervise a young champion played by Tom Cruise.

Wahlberg, 40, had expressed interest in working with Bieber last August, saying he wanted to make a dream come true for her young daughter Ella Rae, an ardent supporter of the "baby" singer.

Although Bieber, 17,was featured in a documentary about his meteoric rise to fame, "Never Say Never," and made guest appearances on "CSI" - that would mark his first role in a drama scripted.

But Wahlberg told MTV that he has full confidence in the acting chops young crooner.

"I see the guys and I spent time with him and see what it does and how he does it, and then you actually have a conversation with him and he is there," said Mark Wahlberg.


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