Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Is Justin Bieber Is More Beautiful Than Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber got all glammed pages for beauty book for brain cancer. The same Selena Gomez also snag in the book is loaded with celebrities?

Biebs put on the best serious face (and maybe a little lip gloss) for a very special photo shoot several months ago. The pictures that he took for the book may end up helping a lot of people - selling beauty book for cancer of the brain will go to Sydney Neurology Oncology Group (smooch) and HEADRUSH, which are two organizations that tumors of brain research.

Brain cancer devastating disease and a leading cause of cancer death in patients younger than 35 years. In the past, he has not received as much attention to appearance of celebrities who have other diseases such as breast cancer and AIDS (probably because it's a little more rare), so it's nice to know that now a ton of stars in touch with beauty book for In order to try and win the fight against brain cancer.

Justin Bieber joined the books of other young stars like Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. But unfortunately it does not seem that his girlfriend Selena Gomez was able to shoot any photos to it - it is noticeably absent in the long list of celebrities featured in the book (it does not make it any less beautiful, of course).

Other men have the stars who will appear include Justin Timberlake, Chace Crawford, and Liam Hemsworth, and beautiful women photographed celebrities including Scarlett Johansson (she appears on the cover), Stacy Keibler, Kim Kardashian and. Lindsay Lohan was even kind enough to shoot some photos for coffee table book hardcover.

Book of Beauty Brain has 312 pages of photographs and can be purchased for $ 39.99 per thebeautybook.org. For more information about the book, as well as a list of celebrities in it, can be found in About. It would certainly make a great Christmas gift for fans of celebrities, and it's a gift that the buyer can feel good about the provision of knowing that it is justified.

Check out Justin Bieber shooting some of his photographs for the book below.


denyse star said...

justin é mais bonito que selena simpático bonito amável humilde adorável spercute
selena acho que ela não ama justin esta aproveitando do momento que se gaba
ela é muito esquisita para ele
acho que tem uma competição de selena
pois selena tem inveja de justin

denyse star said...

na 3 foto selena se afastou dele
ele percebeu enao gostou
justin sabe que ela não gosta dele
mas ainda tem ilusão que um dia ira gostar

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