Saturday, 24 December 2011

Justin Bieber Says Selena Gomez Is One Of Their "Best Friends"

Pull the other, Justin Bieber! The dream of a pull between a straight line recently the Disney manual to describe their relationship with sound Selena Gomez on the radio megababe USA.

Despite being turned "innocent" outings together - not to mention canoodling arrested on vacation for the breasts - Bieber insists that no special hand holding going on.

When Ryan Seacrest asked what he would tell the fans about his relationship with Selena, Bieber said, "Just tell them that she is one of my best friends." Man's best friends do not suck face, little!

Selena Bieber previously described "like a little brother," saying he was "very protective" and "sweet" ... bit of a kick in the balls of the girl who is pashing, eh Biebs?


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