Monday, 5 December 2011

Justin Bieber "Tweets" Over Walt Disney World Christmas Special Pictures

He was one of the few to visit Walt Disney World Friday tape presentations at Disney's Christmas special.

Two of them took Orlando by storm.

A few hours after Justin Bieber announced on Twitter that he was the head of the Walt Disney World, Idol of teenagers together several photos of him and Jaden Smith, hanging around Orlando.

Two hit the Skatepark vans at Festival Bay Mall, where Bieber joked that Smith fell a lot but added: "it's not about how u fall. This is how you get back. "

Jaden Smith is the son of will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Bieber said he is in Central Florida to be a part of the Disney parks Christmas Day Parade. Part of the parade is Saturday at the Magic Kingdom and will air at noon on Christmas day.

The singer Jennifer Hudson spends time at Walt Disney World, tape performance medley of songs holiday parade. Oscar and Grammy Award-winning star took the time to put next to Mickey Mouse.

In addition to perform for the parade, singer CEE Lo green. He sang "this Christmas".

Special TV features performances at Disneyland Resort in California, too.


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