Sunday, 11 December 2011

"Trauma" Justin Bieber Ham New Tattoo - This Is A Picture Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber recently gave their fans reason to be concerned when the sexy figure of him surfaced in Internete.Snimke smiling with no shirt lying on a chaise lounge Biebs looking relaxed and happy. However, a large bandage on his left leg, which you can see by clicking here due beliebers become concerned that their idol was injured. Well, beliebers can breathe easier. JB was bandaged feet, because he recently got a new tattoo.

A few photos later, you can learn here, the bandage was removed, and the semicircular shape is clearly visible on the left calf Justin Bieber just below his pants leg rolled. It seems that the temporary bruising and / or signs of healing that come with getting a new tattoo. Or it could be part of a new tattoo. It is impossible to say with Justin trousers covering the upper part. However, as the inscription on the photo says, its shape remains unchanged, although JB had changed the position of his feet so that is safe to assume that it is not part of his clothing.
So, now, "trauma" the mystery has been solved, the question on the minds of most beliebers is: What is the image of the new tattoo Justin Bieber? This is his third. There was a suggestion on Twitter, the new tat that Justin is the image of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

"It looks like someone's face (well, only part of the reason I cannot see the whole tattoo )...," wrote an analytical belieber. "It looks like someone smiles ... it's like ... take a look at Selena's smile, and you'll be able to see! And you can see the hair of the face and mouth ..."

Needless to say, many fans of JB were less than pleased with the idea.

"OMG is that the bandage on his leg had to heal him TATTOO ...," wrote one belieber. "What if they break up (the god of trade), but I think that Selena Gomez tattoo and when they break up he will have his ex on his leg"

"When they parted," reasoned the other, "and his face really Selena in the tooth, there's nothing wrong with that.Tattoos for his personal memories. Maybe he wants to remember the memories with this girl, whom he loved so much."

Others rejected the idea of ​​Justin getting a tattoo like Selena Gomez is clearly absurd.

"Justin Bieber has a tattoo on his leg Selena Gomez," wrote another sarcastically. "BRB, Michael Jackson is in my backyard moonwalking".

So there you have it. This is probably not Selena Gomez, just because Justin will probably place a tattoo of his beloved closer to her heart, and not on the back of the calf. However, only time can tell.


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