Sunday, 4 December 2011

"Mistletoe" Video Showdown: Justin Bieber Vs. Romeo (POLL)

After mercilessly teased his Twitter followers, Romeo finally revealed his music video, which includes the vocal style of teen superstar Justin Biber.Dva hit remix of Justin Christmas song, "Mistletoe," and the rapper could not be carried away by the music video hits online. Romeo tweeted at one point:
            "Mistletoe (Remix) video will be here any second! Yall ready???!!??"

Well, are you ready? Let us know what you think about video in the comments. What are the "Mistletoe," music video do you prefer: Justin and Romeo Cast your vote in the poll and play a music critic in the comments!

Here's a version of Romeo and you'll notice that it is very similar to Justin! Both videos are cute girls, cute date cute and kisses!


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