Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bieber Cannot Be Overcome By A Christmas Album

I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber, or hate. Sometimes, I enjoy listening to his music when I need mindless, background pop music. So when I say that I think his Christmas album "Under the Mistletoe," it's awful, it does not necessarily mean that I think it's awful. I'm just very critical on Christmas albums, because I want them to bring me joy, not physical pain.

Let's start with their first single from the album: ". Mistletoe" I just do not think that "Shawty" should be allowed on Christmas songs, if it should not be a comedy. "Wise Men followed the star, as I followed my heart and it led me to wonder." Seriously? Who writes this stuff? Yes, this is borderline blasphemous to the "Drummer Boy", when he rap, yes, raps, "Playing for the King, playing for the title, I'm surprised that you have not heard it in the Bible." Wow. What a humble, down to earth kid. By the way, it Shawty think your rap could use some work.

Most of his songs that the girl on Christmas Day. I'm not saying that's a good song Christmas cannot be about young love, but for some reason this is strange coming from Bieber. Although he no longer sounds like a girl, he still sounds like a boy, and I just want to keep it age-appropriate songs. Instead, his songs come across as disturbing, because it is a 17-year-old trying to sound like a 27-year-old. Perhaps the most disturbing line of «Fa La La", when he sings: "Do you want to put my ear to the chest, the girl. Baby, I hear a melody when your heart beats. Baby, he sings to me, as Fa-la-la- la-la. "Oh, I'm sure he does. Another word that should not be used in a Christmas song: Chest.

One good song on the album "Silent Night".It's so beautiful and I want to know who the girl who sings it.

I think this album was an attempt to dabble in Bieber's R & B and other musical styles to showcase its new, manly voice. It might work if it was not a Christmas album. I'm sorry Bieber, it's just not cool, and it's not always all about you.This Christmas, instead of Biebermas. But, my opinion about his music does not really hold a candle of Hanukkah to the opinion of the preteen and teen girls, hardcore "Beliebers". As I said, I'm not a hater Bieber, but I just do not like Christmas music, which makes me cringe and feel violated.


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