Saturday, 10 March 2012

Justin Bieber Is No Selena Gomez? The Singer Tweets Of Love

It seems that Justin Bieber is not Selena Gomez. He is busy in the studio working, and she is in Florida Spring Breakers shooting, so the couple has been separated a bit lately.

 Recently, Bieber took to Twitter to discuss the importance of love and let loved ones know. Justin Bieber tweeted, Show the person you love that you love. Take the time to make sure they know. What deep thoughts for a teen heartthrob in the middle of a Friday afternoon. 

Perhaps the recent flowers Selena Gomez were a gift from her boyfriend who reminded him of his love. It would be a nice gesture to let him know that he is thinking about her even though both are busy with their careers right now.  Will you follow the advice of Justin Bieber, and make sure their loved ones are well aware of how you feel about them? It is important not to take the time or people of course. It seems that sometimes, the young singer is wise beyond his years. He also talked with fans about Bully recently as well.


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