Thursday, 8 December 2011

Snap Happy Justin Bieber Captures His Girlfriend Selena Bikini In A Romantic Day In Mexico, As The Pair Denied The Rumors Part

She flies to Mexico to walk down the aisle as a bride for his close friend.
But it seems that Selena Gomez took the time to spend a lazy day sunbathing with her ​​boyfriend Justin Bieber.
Pair were spotted soaking up the sun in Cabo, Mexico, and seemed closer than ever.

Capturing her curves: Justin Bieber was spotted shooting his girlfriend Selena, as she posed in bikinis bright aqua in Mexico

Life through a Lens: Justin Bieber appeared strives to capture the moment when he enjoyed the day at the pool with his girlfriend Selena Gomez in Mexico.

19-year-old singer demonstrated her incredible figure in a bright bikini Aqua Blue, as she lounged beside Justin.

And it was not just spectators who admired her toned figure, it seemed, the young Mr. Bieber also appeared to endorse the view, as he sat watching his girlfriend.

17-year-old tried to grab his beautiful girlfriend and was seen to snap her with his camera.

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The singer posted a loving hand on his thigh Selena, as she posed for her it.

Children's singer was spotted on holiday in a couple cut jean shorts, but was seen sporting a bandage on his left leg.

As well as capture his gorgeous girls Justin was also seen the game on his phone and teasing that Selena is stretched to its lager to see what he does.

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              Shown on the shape of: Selena looked great in bright bikini Aqua Blue

Selenium, which reunited her bright two-piece with a pair of hooped gold earrings for a great view swimming pool is also considered to play on your phone.

Although the couple in the resort for a wedding,Bieber fans can relax because this is not their own.

Selena and her boyfriend pop sensation landed in Mexico today, ahead of private wedding a close friend, according to TMZ.

    Two can play this game: Selena was also seen with her ​​phone and the pair seemed captivated


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