Friday, 2 December 2011

Justin Bieber Tweets Eliminated Participant "X Factor "Drew: "This Is Just The Beginning"

Confessed superfan of teenager’s phenon, "X Factor" finalist formerly known as Drew Bieber Ryniewicz sang the hit "Baby" at auditions.

X Factor finalist Drew Ryniewicz, who was sent home from the competition in a double elimination on Thursday night, got a few words of support from one of his idols, which, of course, immediately wiped away tears.

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About 45 minutes after the broadcast Fox West Coast show, Justin Bieber tweeted by 15-year-old Chino Valley Arizona native: "keep your head in a year. I lost my first contest, too. This is just the beginning. Never say never." message was quickly retweeted Drew, who has amassed 94,000 followers, one of which is Bieber himself.

X Factor viewers will recall that Drew auditioned with one of the biggest hits of Bieber, the song "Baby", and professed her love for the teen phenomenon in the pre-performance video package during which she looked longingly at a picture of Canadian Idol. To demonstrate her sultry singing style during try-outs, Drew slowed down and taken the top 5 hit with vocal sophistication that many millions have come to know and love.

Tweet marks the moment of triumph following the emotional roller coaster of a day that ended with three of the four justices vote to remove it from its competitors. Drew was a swan song for Roxette "Listen to Your Heart".

Speaking to reporters after the show, Drew said that "there was a strange feeling all day long in my heart ... I knew that something is not going as it should." Well, it certainly looks brighter now.

Introduction Watch Drew package below:


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