Friday, 23 December 2011

Is Selena Gomez Secretly Watch Justin Bieber Speak With Drew Ryniewicz X Factor In?

That's Selena silently looking at her boyfriend's stellar 'performance X Factor final contestant eliminated from Ryniewicz Drew, who admits he is a big fan of Justin Bieber? This is what Drew said.
Justin Bieber teamed up with X Factor 's Ryniewicz Drew, 14, who had tweeted support after disposal, and we are sure his GF was there to support you too! So cute!

"I never met Selena, I learned that she was in the building while I sang with Justin," said Drew on December 14 pre-recorded performance. "I was like" dull! "

Justin and Drew definitely shared a moment on stage when she joined him and Stevie Wonder, 61, sings "Santa Claus comes to town." And luckily for Drew, Justin even kindly gave friendly advice.

"It gave me some advice, he told me I could not be the winner of the series that does not mean I'm not a winner. I said I would go along and was encouraging me! He saw my performance and I said I was beautiful, "said Drew.

Of course, this is the dream of every teenage girl - to embrace and sing with Justin Bieber! Drew is definitely a lucky lady! And we are confident that Drew and Justin thought Selena totally rocked, too!


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