Wednesday, 7 December 2011

When You Click On A Fever Justin Bieber

TEEN fans kept Justin Bieber at the top of the results of Google.

Last year, many of us have turned to the Internet to verify the accuracy of Biber's death rumor. This year, fans trawled the Internet for images of teenage hitmaker, according to the search engine Google.

The organization released its annual count most searched topic of Australia, called the Google Zeitgeist, revealing to us a bunch of curious who like to turn to the Internet for recipes, jobs, and even watch commercials.

In 2011, Facebook was the most frequently used search on Google, while rumors of the iPhone 5 launch was the fastest growing search.

In the celebrity stakes, Kim Kardashian was the most searched, while the death of Amy's death knock Jackass star Ryan Dunn, as the most pressing-on loud passage.

In the highest category of image retrieval, American pop singer Justin Bieber - who last year made the first three categories following false rumors celebrity death - was our most wanted painting, according to Google.

Many of the search giant in 2011 most searched counts mirror-exempt competitor Yahoo! 7 companies last week. However, more unusual categories, Google has shed some interesting insight into habits of Australians - such as our love for baking red velvet cupcakes.

British singer Adele headed the rapid increase in man category while eBay was the top searched brand and wedding invitations are the most popular DIY activities.

Hamilton Island was the most searched for travel - pushing loves New York and Las Vegas to the ninth and tenth places respectively - while the local model of the car Holden clocked up second place in the automotive category, beaten only Toyota.

We are even looking for ads, with most Australians wanting to catch a Strongbow cider ad more Bonds commercial showing the actress Rachael Taylor in her undies.

Google representative Johnny Luu compared the organization of the zeitgeist - the name comes from the German word "sign of the times" - as a representation of our "collective intelligence".

"At year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer shows us what our national heartbeat accelerated and drove our curiosity," Mr. Liu said.


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