Thursday, 8 December 2011

Justin Bieber Copy Marc Jacobs?

Justin I love what we dream of all women smell like a girl has a chance, but his new perfume bottles strikingly similar to the scent of Marc Jacobs!Justin wannabe?
Bieber says it is not so! When I heard that Justin perfume for women coming out was in seventh heaven, but as I asked why the day when Lola Marc Jacobs perfume bottle similar concerns first, to see the ads and commercials.

Obviously, I just do not make a connection. Perfume bottles look like Mark said, "What we talked about the relationship between the tests at WWD say? You know what? Everyone says that they want two. I say this has been received Google Alerts. We're going to do something about it there is no . "

I do not claim Bieb nice to hear, but I'm a little disappointed in Justin! I like the way you are always right, and I have something that really is what you're talking about books, so I hope that this trend has started a new fragrance is a twin Justin Bieber day, when a new fragrance launched two weeks ago a keen eye on the bottle a little hurried fashion to notice something familiar.

Purple Media - pink hat and pink glass Mark James Love - Lola perfume bore much in common.
Now, Mr. James, 48, spoke about the conflict, recognize that the scent is suing producers of Camp Bieber.

In an interview with WWD today, he said: "We just talk about it. Coty said:" We have to sue them? "And I said, 'You know what? Every two and say that they want. ""
The design similarities between the two bottles of the investigation, he continued: "I look around the room, and I see that needs to be done, and I always spoil a quote, but I do believe that something Chanel said:" He insists that his creative ability cannot remember.”

Bieber, 17, a high-level campaigns and TV commercials for the company with the model DREE Hemingway starring announced its flavor.
Fruity floral fragrance for women $ 35 to $ 55 depending on the size of the bottle with the prices for the next month will go on sale. Copycat bottle or not - - he called it a hit with Beliebers installed.
WWD they said: "We are the original, which smells like a girl is very important for a man!
"I like this with your fans a deep connection, a fragrance that I personally love the way I create them can bring the world to himself."

If it sounds a bit strange, there is a big silver lining, approval Aroma, which is expected to raise millions of revenue from sales of the singer and promised to take a pencil - I favorite charities, including the Fund will be all.

Mr. Jacob, Lifetime Achievement Award CFDA next week because of its flavor is a great success.
He said that when Daisy Eau fresh from the most successful in the industry «Flanker» (light or limited edition - the name referring to the spin scents smell "parents").

As he said during a recent visit to Europe was stunned by the fragrance of public opinion.
"Every flight attendant approached me and told me how much he loves the scent, he said. "We'll get to the Heath line and duty free shops and shop windows were filled with spirits.
"JFK, duty free shops of all brand and people come with me flavors of Jacob.


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