Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Selena Gomez Sending Justin Bieber Hints About The Future Of A Romantic Date?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez short of extravagant and romantic dates, that Bieber surprising his girlfriend with shopping sprees and special exclusive features such as private screening of Titanic at the Staples Center and the leasing of Canadian cinema for real Steel. But the couple keeps things more low-key, too, sometimes grabbing a bite in the dining room by accident or just go to some standard of screen time in the local theater.

Films (and, of course, the accompanying popcorn and Jujubes!), I think, a significant activity that both enjoy pop sensation, which is actually not surprising, given their origins as entertainment, not to mention they both have their own little bit of time to the big screen. But will Justin Bieber, a forthcoming film, premiered on February 10, over which Selena Gomez going Gaga? According to the Hollywood life, she recently posted a message in Instagram, complete with a photo poster of the film, on oath with Rachel McAdams.

Just watching this trailer a thousand times and cried ... I can not wait, Gomez gushed from a vow that, apparently, inspired by real events. Maybe she gives a wink and nudge to Bieber that the date of Valentines Day they should be. Talk about planning ahead! Or, young stars, perhaps even part of marriage on her mind. Probably not, though, as shes too young and busy right now. 

It seems that Justin Bieber may be a chick flick on Cupids favorite day. Maybe he would love to bet, again closing the theater for the screening for him and his girlfriend, this time to make a trail of red roses over the place. And, while Selena Gomez previously recognized her affinity for scary movies that Bieber should appreciate, even she is not immune from the fabulous storyline, or be a hopeless romantic. Bieber should be washed in it!


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