Friday, 9 December 2011

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Blows Rumors Marriage

   We were not engaged, celebrity couple insists

Justin Bieber is 17.

It remains unclear what he did to the other side of puberty.

And if he ever went into a 50-foot radius of the wedding chapel, at least six dozen Beliebers be mobilized in a matter of seconds, ready to pounce if ever the phrase "Speak ..." is pronounced.Or when, in fact.

Yes, Bieber did not get married.Representatives of the pop star has confirmed the same E! News - which tend to be even strange request, except for two things: 1) They probably will not upset enough for today's teenagers to meet their quotas, and 2) different outlets, E? Included, ran photos of Bieber's 19-year old girlfriend Selena Gomez demonstrating a new diamond ring.

It is not as showy as their own earrings diamond Bieber, decorated in the style we affectionately call the Blanche Dubois. Or his diamond grill or $ 25,000 jewel-encrusted Stewie Griffin he sometimes wears around his neck, to remind us that he was allowed to watch prime-time animated programming.

Nevertheless, the question remains: What would mean a ring? (You know, in addition to average between Queen Disney can probably afford to buy quality costume jewelry.)

If an official statement Bieber did not calm nerves sufficiently, representatives of Gomez would also like to remind everyone that no one gets married.According to Us Weekly: "She is not engaged."

It is, however, the Cape right now with Bieber for a wedding. (Again: Is not it) teen couple also there celebrating the first anniversary, according to reports. Good for them. Let this be the first of many rumors of participation, as you journey on your ridonkulous celebrity lives together.


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