Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Michael Buble And Justin Bieber Gala Fighting

Who does not love a little "friendly" competition in time for the holiday season? Michael Buble has suggested that he and Justin Bieber have a little harmless competition when it comes to their Christmas albums.

Both artists released a Christmas album in a week after another, with Justin Bieber under the mistletoe comes right after Christmas album in Buble.

Buble told Parade that he would like to see his own rise above the album Justin - but he is still keeping in mind that the sales figures of more to come!

He said: "There's a friendly competition going on! We both want to be on top, but it's not what this is about. It's about Christmas. As if my ego likes the idea of ​​selling a bunch of records, it really was not that big record this year. "

"It was about what you are doing something I thought might be part of my heritage. Growing up, Bing Crosby was a huge idol, and a great inspiration for me musically, and I often wonder if I'm long gone, but some children may grow listen to what I did, that is the goal. "

Bublr said his Christmas album comes from the heart while Justin expressed his hope that he will be under the mistletoe memorable for his fans.

We believe, Michael Buble has chosen a tough stars to compete against!


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