Thursday, 17 May 2012

Justin Bieber 'alcohol

While this picture seems to order a vodka redbull, Justin Bieber does not really like the boozy evenings.

If we know the inclination of some stars for the bottle, this is clearly not the case the boyfriend of Selena Gomez.

Interviewed by GQ riding a big bike, Justin Bieber says he has never finished dead drunk, "I do not really like alcohol because I always kept control. Yes of course, j have already been drinking, but it stops at a beer occasionally. I've never drunk the g *** ".

Young, athletic and sane, Justin Bieber should register for the London Olympics! He may win a gold medal waffle? Seriously, the young singer is probably marked by the past alcoholic mother.

This vow of healthy life is certainly a good example for the youth who tend to consume alcohol without pleasure and too much. A word ...

Justin Bieber takes up for his fans! So sexy (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has it all. Handsome and talented, star of Boyfriend has millions of fans and saw a beautiful love story with Selena Gomez. And as if life baby Bieber was not quite perfect like that, the singer has a more perfect body who is salivating over a belieber. Having recently unveiled a picture of him shirtless, now the Biebs is back by showing an excerpt from a photoshoot he recently completed. And again, what do we see? Justin Bieber break topless. Super sexy!

Justin Bieber chocolate bars to eat so why would hinder it to show to his millions of fans? In the video he just posted on Viddy, the star of teens plays aspiring fashion models for a photographer. Like a true pro, a rival of the other He-Man Harry Styles takes a break by hand in her hair and looks cool. A little bad boy side which should melt more than one. Especially the sexy boy looks perfectly comfortable with her body so perfect. What makes it totally irresistible!

It seems that these days, the friend of Jaden Smith loves induced hysteria of his fans. A few days ago already, the hunk showing his butt in public during the Wango Tango concert. A moment of pure pleasure (Eye!) For admirers of Justin Bieber.

One wonders what goes well we can book the boyfriend of Selena Gomez the next time ... A picture of him in the shower? We drooling ...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Justin Bieber Experts in TF1? A passage deadly! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber on Expert, again? And yes it's back in the Biebs season 11 series CSI tonight on TF1! The Boyfriend singer is no longer a baby and proves it with this second passage in an episode of the detective series made in the USA. After introducing us to his character, a real psychopath, in an episode aired last March, the darling Selena Gomez returns. Warning, spoiler fatal episode!

It is always a lag of two years (compared to the U.S. rate) that we will find Justin Bieber on CSI. There reprise the role of Jason McCann who was in a previous episode accused of involvement in a bomb attack.

Again, this is an explosive affair awaits our Justin. Her character will be much the bomber and his fate will be very fatal. Remember, the video of the death of his character, shot, had shocked many. But it is the goal!

In this episode, Justin is still convinced in his role. One more proof that it will be perfect for her future movie with Mark Wahlberg, still in preparation. It will also make an appearance in Men In Black 3. While waiting to see on the big screen, we can always listen as his album, Believe, was released June 18, 2012.

Tonight, there is no shortage passage of Justin Bieber on CSI on TF1 at 8:50 p.m..

Justin Bieber returns tonight on CSI!

The singer's favorite teen left the stage to the interrogation room, tonight, performing his return to the CSI series.

Never change a winning team! After an appearance and looks much noticed at the beginning of the eleventh season of CSI, Justin Bieber playing the guests back to another episode, entitled "Enemies for Life," which will air tonight on TF1.
The young singer who puts teenage dream costume Jason McCann, the troubled teen that we had met earlier this season. This time he called Nick (George Eads), to prevent the latter he is in danger ... Nick soon finds a grenade at his home, and all suspicion falls on the Jason, which might seek to avenge the death of his brother.

Justin Bieber throws his money away? Yes but not that!

Make no mistake! Justin Bieber has other hobbies in life that the song and Selena Gomez. At 18, the baby boy has a new fad for which he is willing to spend thousands of dollars. No they are not sports cars or jewelry bling bling but ... works of art! Proof that the interpreter Boyfriend is no longer a kid but rather an adult!
According to several U.S. sites, Justin Bieber has just purchased a beautiful table when they went to New York to work on his future album "Believe".

The artwork is signed Holton Rower and costs a whopping 60,000 dollars (about 50,000 euros)! After all, when you're rich, you do not count ... A source reports such as the singer will no longer be content to spend his money on fake things but wants to become an art collector. A new passion that would allow him to redecorate his new home.

To get a glimpse of what can be discovered when one enters the home of Justin Bieber, know that the work of Holton Rower represent psychedelic patterns. In sum, modern art.

Unless the lovesick Selena Gomez secretly decided to gift the painting to his lover? A gift to apologize to her for having dared to show beautiful buttocks in public?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

FiFi Awards 2012: Justin Bieber will be rewarded

As part of the fortieth edition of Fifi Awards, the award "Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year 2012" will go to Justin Bieber.

After the record was broken by the singer's first fragrance, "Someday" on his release in June 2011 - at the time he had generated $ 3 million in revenue in three days at Macy's - there was little doubt that it would be awarded this year.

Justin Bieber then walk in the footsteps of Halle Berry receiving the award "Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award", awarded to the celebrity who has best represented the perfume sector.

Justin Bieber is also competing for the Best Luxury perfume - fragrance category in which the "Pulse" by Beyonce, "Bottega Veneta", "Candy" Prada and "Purple Blonde" by Tom Ford were also cited.

The fragrance "Jasmin Rouge" by Tom Ford competes in both the niche fragrance category New Man and New Woman perfume niche. In the category of luxury fragrance for men, there are "Armani Sport Code", "Gucci Guilty Men", "John Varvatos USA", "The Free Man" Yves Saint Laurent and "A Garden on the Roof" d Hermes.

Justin Bieber shows his butt in front of thousands of people! Oops (PHOTOS)

Everyone knows, Justin Bieber is a sacred coquinou. Proof, we recall that the baby Bieber did not hesitate to talk about his penis on the radio and to reveal his sexual life in the album Believe. After checking out beliebers completely crazy about him, the interpreter Boyfriend comes back to cause hysteria of his fans. And for good reason, the guy Selena Gomez has dared to show her ass in public! Ooh la la! What this insolent young Justin!
Justin Bieber knows how to make his female admirers totally addicted to it. It was at the 2012 Wango Tango concert hosted by KIIS-FM radio that the singer has unveiled part of his anatomy ... or almost!

Indeed, Justin Bieber announced the arrival on stage of its small protected Carly Rae Jepsen, wearing skinny jeans pokey that foreshadowed much of the underwear of the young man. The Puritan America held its breath, but luckily the buttocks of Biebs remained well covered. Phew! Justin Bieber no question of living a scandal worthy of Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl in 2004.

But even when Mister Bieber reveals just a bit of his boxers, he is drooling over a ... Sacred Justin! One wonders if the favorite star of the teen would not do everything so that the girls are in love with him ...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Romantic reunion at the other end of the world this weekend?

Very much in love, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are trying to spend as much time with each other. And not only by small words on Twitter! But the problem, Jelena overbookes really are! The baby singer is very busy promoting her new album Believe, while the star of Hit The Lights is currently filming a long way from her boyfriend. But good news, the Biebs will surely go find his sweetheart this weekend in Bulgaria!

Out of sight is not out of mind for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Currently 10 000 km from his lover who turns The Getaway in Bulgaria, Justin has hinted that he might join her for a romantic weekend!

Indeed, when he was interviewed for the release of his new single - Turn To You song tribute to his mom - Justin Bieber said he would not be in the United States this weekend for Mother's Day. .. And yes, the U.S. has once again one step ahead of France and celebrating moms this week!

Very close to his mom Pattie Mallette, Justin is going to abandon it for that special occasion. And, according to rumors, it is because it would count regain its beautiful Selena. How cute! Now we begin to dream that he join too if Selena comes to Cannes for Spring Breakers. They would be so glamorous on the red carpet!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Justin Bieber unveils "Turn to You", a single tribute to his mother

As promised, Justin Bieber today unveiled the title "Turn to You (Mother's Day Dedication)" as a tribute to his mother. A single available on iTunes just in time for Mother's Day this weekend.

It's cute, Justin Bieber! While trying to convince a few weeks since a young lady he would make a great "Boyfriend", the young Canadian has just released a second single from his new album "Believe", expected next month in stores in the world whole. Why so fast? Because the title in question, "Turn to You" is a tribute to his mother, and that this weekend is Mother's Day in America.

And critics of Justin Bieber, who will be appearing in "Men in Black 3" may have a little harder to go after his music. If his first two albums were not necessarily convinced that many people outside of its target teen, Canadian confirms a new maturity with "Turn to You", which had already surprised maturity on "Boyfriend". Production is neat without being too flashy and the deeper voice of the young man only heightens this impression.

Certainly, there will always be possible to take the words of the title a little kitsch. But knowing that they refer to the boy's real childhood, difficult to accuse him of opportunism when he touts his mother, who juggle two jobs to offer them a roof and had, as he says , her age when she got it. Hard not to fall into the good feeling when you leave this type of securities, and Justin Bieber is doing quite well finally.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Justin Bieber singing, and bachelor ... free

Singer, actor and now bachelor. The singer's favorite teen, Justin Bieber, said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph he took his degree graduation. An examination that he decided to move to please his mother.

"I just finished my studies." "I got my degree, I am free. It was hard work every day." Like many graduates, Justin Bieber is proud, at 18, having had his bachelor and indicated in an interview with Australian Daily Telegraph published on Wednesday.

Despite a busy schedule, the singer was able to work every day with a tutor who has followed him wherever he goes. On the center stage since the age of 15 years, the superstar did not graduating. This examination, he passed for his mother. "That's really what my mother wanted, so I did and I got it for her," said the singer in Australian newspaper.

A good thing done so for Justin Bieber is still happy to have finally finished because it "is free". Freedom all the more appreciated, he admits that "writing and reading is not really my thing." Clearly, he prefers to sing.

Justin Bieber: Boyfriend He sings on the set of The Voice U.S.

Justin Bieber was present to interpret his new single, Boyfriend, in the final of The Voice in the United States. Check out his performance.

Justin Bieber was present for the final of The Voice in the U.S. on May 8th. The singer came to interpret, for the first time, his new single, Boyfriend. Unveiled a few weeks ago, the title had not been sung live by the young man.

Accompanied by several dancers, he gave a real show for viewers (see video). He even managed to win the coach, Christina Aguilera, who had reserved a chilly reception when he visited on a previous bonuses.

Justin Bieber begins to emulate his idols, Usher and Justin Timberlake. Choreography, lighting and stage outfit, he has performed very well on the set of the show. At 18, he decided to take a new turn in his career with a more adult music. A new sound that will be encountered on June 19 during the release of her third album, Believe. A disk on which there are particular Kesha, Kanye West and Adam Levine.

Justin Bieber: desperate to please his mom!

It is well known, Justin Bieber is very close to his mom Pattie Mallette. To please the woman who has always supported, the star of Baby even recorded a song on the occasion of his birthday. But that's not all. The boyfriend of Selena Gomez has also agreed to work like crazy for the sake of her mommy love.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Justin Bieber teaches us great news: there it is, he graduated! A great relief for the singer 18 years. Difficulties its geography did not stop to pick up his diploma, equivalent du Bac in France. But it was not easy! "It was very hard to do my homework for school and work every day," he said. We want to believe, knowing he was overbooked by preparing his new album Believe. Selena should be proud of him!

But if the Biebs has agreed not to drop out of school, it is especially for his mother. He explains: "It was something my mother really wanted me to do, so I did it for her." Oh, how cute. Pattie, for which Justin has also released a song for Mother's Day, was really lucky!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Justin Bieber offers a unique gift to his mother

Justin Bieber will spoil his mom for Mother's Day. Discover what it is!

It is the greatest gift a singer can do to his mother? An autographed poster? No!

A nice song specially written would be a bit better: JustinBieber has understood and is currently working on a melody for Mother's Day.

The festivities will take place May 13 in the United States. Whoever plays the bad boy in his latest video Boyfriend is ultimately very blue flower and close to his mother, Patti Mallette.

"I wrote a song for my mother. But I will offer him to Mother's Day. "Would he said.

The young Canadian goes on to give some information about the content of this music:

[Its] about the struggles, I say in the song. She had me at the age I am now. This is all the struggles she went through and his courage. I think everybody needed to know.   

Yes, we know, the singer comes from afar. His mother must be proud of him, as money that his colossal prodigy made ​​in Youtube should tell him.

With us, Mothers Day will be held Sunday, June 3 You can still carry a tune like Justin to please your mom.  However, not sure that this gift has the same effect!

Justin Bieber brought tears of Siva The Wanted!

It is well known, Justin Bieber loves to make jokes. Recently, the baby boy Selena Gomez even wanted to cry Taylor Swift to laugh! Real clown, the Canadian singer has once again acting up. His victim? Siva Kaneswaran group The Wanted.

It was on the set of The Voice U.S., Los Angeles, that the "incident" occurred. Very fit, the Biebs did not hesitate to tease his buddies from The Wanted, who came on stage to tear. Boyfriend of the star flatly struck twice in the poor Siva's private parts! "Justin came in and hit very hard in the Siva c * uilles," said Jay McGuiness to The Mirror.

The "joke" by Justin Bieber has even been a member of The Wanted ground moaning in pain. "Siva came in limping in the dressing room and asked us 'Why he is attacking me?'. It was funny," recalls Tom Parker.

Bieber, who recently told a fan to be competitors of One Direction, will in any case have to be careful as Siva has the attention of revenge. Who would win in a fight, me or Bieber? Exactly. But that does not happen to hit children. In addition to his sperm costs millions so I will not go in that direction. But I will have my revenge he said in a tone of fun on the set of Daybreak.  

Already on the outs with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, the stars of The Wanted have a new enemy. But this time the war was launched on the tone of fun. Phew, we were worried that the singers of Glad You Came really start everyone back ...

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