Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Justin Bieber Stars With Billy Crystal In The Opening Skit Oscar

Justin Bieber keeps possibilities to set up on television sets around the world and who'd'a'thunk but the pop singer of Canada found itself in the opening skit of the 84th Academy Awards.

Bieber was in a good product, a skit that was pretty slick as a short film. He had crystal interact with movie stars like George Clooney and Jonah Hill, appearing in scenes from the pantheon of films from 2012 that were in place for an Oscar. Bieber was in a scene right out of 'Midnight in Paris "the Woody Allen film.

Justin Bieber is in "Midnight" at the Oscars

There was a recurring scene in the movie where Owen Wilson, lead, would be to wait at least midnight the same corner in Paris to be picked up by a taxi, when he would be transported back in time to an era when American expatriate writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, and others, lived in this city.

Wilson instead of waiting in the scene on the corner of Paris, it was crystal and in the taxi pulling up behind the wheel, Bieber was in a tux. He calls over Cristal asked why he was there. "I'm here to help the 18-24 demographic," says Bieber. Oscar host asks how long he wants him and Crystal told him "two seconds" should do it and they look at each other. Bieber did a great job of playing a kind of "eh, yeah, so ... time up yet? time.

Bieber then recounts crystal itself and Hemingway and Fitzgerald are going to hang. At that time, the rear glass, which now plays the movie icon, the late Sammy Davis Jr., sticks his head forward and said they are out to get Hitler and adds: "Hey Billy, Biebs is the young Sinatra, or am I crazy? "

Bieber said, "Oh Sammy, stop!" Sammy tells Crystal and "peace out" and Bieber said "Good luck, Bob" and they are out of the skit. Bieber large, perfectly sober and genuinely funny performance was helped not only by his confidence as an artist, but also having appeared in two episodes of CSI: Las Vegas.

Justin Bieber: Acting in a movie

Bieber is on record as saying he wants to play in a movie and he suggested it could be as early as this summer. He is currently working on "Believe", his next studio album, all new material, and last week tweeted that the first single from the record will be in March.

Sources: Digital Journal

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Relationship Hurting His Career?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a solid relationship. Despite claims the status of superstar Justin is eclipsing Selena, both are still going strong. When Selena came out for the Vanity Fair Oscar party without her boyfriend, the rumor mill is racing.

Gossip site had a very strange and ridiculous reason for the appearance of Selena solo. Hollywood Life according to a source told them, "camp Selena Selena does not want to be known as" Girlfriend Justin Bieber "rather than as an actress and a singer or artist." It seems a little late for that. No worries however, Selena's career is doing well.

Cop Gossip proclaimed the rumor is absolutely false and the happy couple is doing well. Selena is not about to dump Justin to advance his career. In fact, the type of Justin responded to the rumor with a message posted on his Twitter account. He wrote, "it's time to play ... and then there are times to work hard and get my fans an album."

Justin and Selena did not spend all day outside. They were spotted leaving a Blockbuster Video earlier in the afternoon. They both have busy careers, but manage to find time to spend together. Photos posted on a fan site dedicated to Justin, the show casually dressed couple as they left the store. Justin took the time to sign autographs while Selena jumped into a waiting SUV.

There will always be "Trouble in Paradise" rumors, but these two seem to be in a happy, healthy relationship and engaged despite tabloid reports otherwise. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continue to prove they have what it takes to break the curse Hollywood relationship.

Justin Bieber Sued For Game Maker "Joustin 'Beaver' (Exclusive Docs)

RC3, a manufacturer of Android applications is not about to be backed by the legal requirements of a teenager. The company has filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber preventive and claims the right to distribute a game, Beaver Joustin ', regardless of brand advertising claims singer and appropriate. The decision comes two weeks after Bieber's lawyers sent the company a cease and desist letter that the threat of litigation if the application is not completed quickly.

In the lawsuit, RC3 admits that the game was inspired by Biebermania:

"In an effort to comment on the defendant's life, the plaintiff, RC3 developed the previous application entitled" Joustin "Beaver". The application, a video game is a parody of the commercial success of the defendant and any celebrity. The application of parody portrays a beaver on a log floating in a river. Beaver comes with fringe, a spear, and a purple sweater. Phot beaver shots pig are trying to take his picture in the river with his spear. Beaver also signs "otter graphics. The beaver also must avoid the" whirlwind of success, "bearing the beaver out of control, while navigating the river."

By stating that the game is a commentary on the life of Bieber and also the invocation of "parody", the game company hopes to convince a judge that has the First Amendment, the right to use the intellectual property of the teen pop.

According to the lawsuit, after RC3 received a letter of cease and desist, the company tried to explain his belief that the First Amendment protected them from any potential claims of Bieber. The parties negotiated with each other, but could not reach an agreement.

RC3 is now seeking a declaration of no violation, no dilution, not misleading and not counterfeit marks Bieber. The company also wants a judge to state that the game does not constitute a misappropriation of the name Bieber commercial and Joustin Beaver "is protected by the First Amendment.

This is not the first time anyone in the entertainment industry has been affected by a mobile application that supposedly existed in its coastline. For example, in 2009, WME Ari Emanuel, demanded that all references to it are deleted in an application for the iPhone game called SuperAgent.

That was before the U.S. Supreme Court sent a clear message that the games should be treated as movies, music and books and be accorded the same protections of freedom of expression.

Bieber's case, however, you may turn on whether "Joustin 'Bieber' is likely to cause confusion as to source and support of the juvenile lead. The game maker is likely to get a lot of attention bring this action and can cash in on the resulting publicity. If Bieber wins the case, however, the singer could claim benefits to a holding company.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter

Monday, 27 February 2012

Watch Justin Bieber Billy Crystal Explained That Children Like At The Oscars

Justin Bieber is a guy who has retained the services of a coach of arrogance. This is done automatically qualified to speak on Oscar demographics play the opening of the show with Billy Crystal, whose sense of demography extends seventy-twenties. (That's an old joke cheap. Billy Crystal said in essence, that is, "demography" talk and all.)

In any case, the producers decided that maybe Oscar Bieb was a little young to be eligible for about seventeen of the Oscar, '"let me tell you why I'm nostalgic for the movies!" Mounts, his nostalgia still somewhat unformed, the perspective of observers from the hearing: "Well, I really wanted my parents to take me to Pearl Harbor to grow, but I was a simple girl who just saw the trailer" a little fear, so he is here in the opening sketch. More charity opened the show!

Oh, and to clarify one thing that might confuse some of you: It is a tribute Midnight in Paris. That's why we just saw Billy Crystal and Justin Bieber exchanged a long look, knowing. One more thing: This is, in fact, Billy Crystal as Sammy Davis, Jr. is the controversy of the vintage.

Source: Popdust

Facebook scam: Oh! There Was A Hidden Camera In The Bedroom Of Justin Bieber

Con artists have once again using the names of celebrities Justin Bieber, to spread their nonsense on Facebook. At this time, the camera filmed the claim that Bieber did with Selena Gomez in her bedroom.

Facebook scammers use again ignorant of the victim claimed that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were filmed on camera, this time in the bedroom Bieber. The story is false. 

This version begins with Oops! There was a hidden camera in the bedroom Justin Bieber or 00ps! There was a hidden camera in the bedroom, and Bieber Selena and Oh! There was a hidden camera in the bedroom Selena and Bieber, and then fraudulently link. There is also the description under the name WOW HaHa this is so funny ~ Do not miss it! Or Ha ha, this is so funny - do not miss it.

The link leads to what seems like the video embedded in what looks like a web page to Facebook. Both are fake. The purpose of fraud is to attract more traffic to certain sites. It's as crook makes its money: a commission for every survey completed, each product purchased, and / or each account in jeopardy. You also said to share a link with all my friends Facebook, and add a comment. The following pages encourages you to subscribe to paid services for mobile phone, fill out an online survey, and / or buy the pills. Last but not least, they also use fraud to spread malicious programs and receive personal information.

In general, a word of caution, do not click on all of your Facebook friends share on social networks. If you see a scam like this, report it. Then go check your own wall to make sure that you are not covered by the scam, the faster you clear it, and unlike any of the relevant page, the better. You can also contact Facebook Security if you want.

Sources: Zdnet

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Justin Bieber "Hair Kinda Back'-New Pics Hit Web Mystery Instagram

One of the favorite pastimes of Justin Bieber is taking random photos and online publishing. Sometimes with cryptic titles. Often, without explanation. On February 23, Biebs published two new photos to your account Instagram. Your unique title for the two photos said: "hair again a little Bieber." What does that mean?

 An examination of the photos of the new Teen Dream Instagram shows ... very little. Both photos are close-ups of Justin's face. In both planes, has what appears to be a black top and a silver necklace chain type. In the first picture, he is staring at the camera at an angle slightly upward. The second shot zooms in even closer. This time, his head turned slightly to his left, while he stares curiously at the camera. Unlike the first picture, the right ear and slopes are clearly visible. So? That's it. So, what's the point?

In both photos, Justin's hair looks a bit more. Is simply trying to tell his fans that he intends to return to his old original fledged Bieber flip hairstyle? Her hair color is also a little lighter that is newer dark brown, especially in the first picture. Are you trying to say is returning to her hair color before? If so, why not give a more revealing of the form of a shot in the head completely? As shown in the two photos Instagram, the lighter hair color may just be the result of the flash or lighting.

Cher, Justin Bieber In The Notes News

Cher sends a message through Twitter, to announce a new tour in support of their new album, which includes the new song "The Greatest Thing", which was written by Lady Gaga and created anew. "I tremble! All set / change the form of four every song!" Twitter Cher 'tour begins in September! First date of Kansas. "This will be the twenty-sixth album, Cher.

Mobile game developers RC3 sue over a parody of the game, Beaver "Joustin", "for the IOS and Android devices. They are served with cease work and refrain from submitting lawyers Justin Bieber, including Aaron D. Rosenberg Myman, Greenspan, Fineman, Fox, Rosenberg & Light, Inc., requiring the developer to take the game to less than 48 hours. "Please note, the term of our client, the parent guardian of our client, or designated representatives of our client entered into an agreement with you or your associated businesses , or otherwise permit to you or any third party to create an application, "Rosenberg wrote." Besides, I do not know what you've done any request or gesture to communicate with our clients to obtain such permission. Thus, you may not use the name of our client, image, image, life history or identity, or in connection with the Spanish. 

Operation of the name of our client, likeness, image and reputation is well known in the industry, promote, advertise and sell the application incorrectly assumes that our client has provided you with certain rights to do that, you know, it's not ". RC3 answered and said:" game parody and is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Nowhere in the game name is Justin Bieber, photos, images, or the history of life referred to. "

Sources: Groovevolt

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez A weekend In The Land / Date Movie

Taking a break in the studio to spend time with my girls, Justin Bieber seen Selena Gomez on a romantic evening in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 25).

"Never say never," and his hit "Who said that the" singing girls joined a group of friends as they made their way to a delicious Japanese Sushi Den lunch.
Once completed, the young couple continued to date, along with Oscar weekend to go to the Sherman Oaks Galleria on the matinee movie.

Out comes Miss Gomez spent the previous night at the 5th Annual Women In Film Pre-Oscar cocktail Cecconi century.

Although the 19-year-old chatted with E! News about his new tattoo - explaining that this is not a small heart, as widely reported.
"This is a note of music," she said. "Everyone thought it was a heart, but it's a little note of music."

The following explains what the ink for the job, convex Selena, "I was named after the singer and the music is obviously a great influence on me. And there are musical material from the mother, that means a lot to me."

Enjoy the pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Studio City, California (February 25).

Sources: celebrity-gossip

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Justin Bieber's Lawyers Threatened Legal Action Against The Company's Games

Justin Bieber may have a lot of love to his millions of fans and friend Selena Gomez and his family, but not for the video game producers who turn it into a dollar toothed animals.

Digital Spy reports 17-year-old's lawyers served as a software developer RC3, Inc cease and desist letter because they claim that the company used the image of Bieber in an application called Beaver Joustin ", where the hero of the game is versiyaBiebs beaver.

According to E! Internet players in the game you need to get the beaver sign as "Otter-graphs", as they can to "Fot-pigs" who are always trying to get in your way, take over.

Biebers lawyers want Joustin "Beaver to be demolished from ITunes and other digital applications, and stores said they would continue the lawsuit, if it is online, for sale.

Lawyers can also view the complete break down of all the profits from the game RC3.

And, apparently, the game should make a lot of money. It has five stars on the app store Itunes. One user even wrote that it was "super fun, very addictive game!"

Those users, it is better to play this game as much as possible now, because it looks like he's leaving soon.

Justin Bieber Contemplating A Lip Tattoo

The feeling between, Justin Bieber, has been thinking about getting a new tattoo for quite some time. When discovered in a set of frozen yogurt in Los Angeles, who allegedly saw a tattoo on the man serving the yogurt that was found with a taste. Bieber said the man who had been thinking about getting one done in a similar place, but he was not quite sure what he wanted out.

The source said: "Justin was the tattoo inside my lower lip and said he wanted to have one. Thought it was very good."

The original singer got his first tattoo in 2010 with his father beside him in the room. The tattoo was of a bird on his left hip. It turns out that these birds tattoos are a family tradition of Biebers, since many of them have on their wrists.

Sources say it might be possible that the star is getting a tattoo to impress his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Selena recently received a heart tattooed on her wrist not long ago.

I think that celebrities are taking this hand tattoo. Because tattoos are "in" this time, many celebrities are getting some pretty ridiculous tattoos. No one even going to see a tattoo on the inside of his mouth anyway.

Sources: Earsucker

Growing Up: Justin Bieber Turning 18 to 18? - On March 1st

It seems that Justin Bieber has always existed, but since he has only the age of 18 next week he can not be. He has almost always so? Well, it was a part of the scene of celebrities for 3 years and now he is about to become an adult.

Bieber was 15 when he and mom, Patti Mallette hung with Scooter Braun and mentor Usher crib. His first act was great to put on his game stretched "My World". He begins to turn 16 and set to "My World 2.0" with the baby huge success. That's all she wrote, he was the superstar.

This anniversary there has been no announcement big splash on what to do. Hollywood Life suggested that they had the goods on his birthday plans. However, essentially all they had was a "source" who told them he was going to spend a relatively quiet birthday 'with family and friends. "

Anniversary of Justin Bieber has raised funds for charity

We have more information about what he did last year on its 17. Some might remember that instead of gifts, he asked fans to donate $ 17 to a charity called mycharity: water. Their goal was to collect $ 17 000 and he tweeted that "100% of all donations go directly to construction projects in drinking water in developing countries." Donations rose to $ 17,000 - and continued, which in fact all the way over $ 47,000.

Other events included a 17th birthday dinner with Selena Gomez, where he is frustrated and raised his middle finger to photographers, look forward to cheese her grandmother, with two records, "Never Say Never: The Remixes' and 'My World 2.0 "in the Billboard top five and was leaving for a tour in the UK

Justin Bieber age 18

How about this for his 18th birthday: Bieber tweeted this week that the new album on which he works, "Believe", has one entry in March. How about his birthday? It would make a great gift for fans and Digital Journal predicts that this is exactly what the term Bieber has in mind, to surprise the fans with a gift for them, a song for her birthday.

Sources: Digital

Justin Bieber Working With Far East Movement "Live My Life" Leaked

About a week ago, news of the collaboration between Justin Bieber and Far East Movement was detected producer RedOne. Since then, LMFAO is on track in a set of DJ - and a full version of the leak is today.

Leaked track, however, shows that the "Live My Life" is not just a co Bieber. Most likely, "Baby" singer, just adds a hook between the stihami.Treka, and apparently intended for the upcoming Far East Movement album, and there are plans Biebs for one of its leading to believe it. The singer tweeted, "And the guys asked, so yes my single next month> # BELIEVE.".

Listen to "live their lives" as follows:

Reworked claims Live My Life is destined to become a hit. Do you agree? Maybe this track to achieve the same level of success Far East Movement, as How G6?  In discussing plans for the album, Dirty Bass, Kev Nish of Far East Movement told Billboard.

FM has always focused on cooperation and unexpected mash up of musical genres that are constantly making music exciting life of its own, is a song we think of as FM and Bieber fans will enjoy together.  Bieber manager Scooter Braun and re-referred to the vocal maturity of the teen singer, and his great depth can be seen in Live My Life, although it is somewhat shrouded in Auto-Tune.

Believe me, the third studio album by pop stars, is scheduled for release in 2012, and his first single is expected in March.  February 28 is the proper release of Live My Life, the video shoot is planned for the near future. In addition, Red Foo of LMFAO, are expected to be included in the remix of the track.

Sources: Kovideo

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