Monday, 30 May 2011

"Justin Bieber to launch female fragrance"

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber said that he decided to create a fragrance for their fans, because the way a woman smells "very important" for him. The new fragrance, Never Say Never stars called one day and comes in a bottle with a top heart-shaped flower. The scent was created by Honorine Blanc of Firmenich, which describes it as the phrase "gourmet fruit" one. Justin said: "Realistically, the way girls smell is very important for a guy, I have a deep connection with their fans to create a scent that I personally like this is another way I can bring them into my world!". With some profits will go to the promise of pencils, which helps build schools and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, 17-year-old said: "I am not only able to create a fragrance for all my fans, but I'm also able to give to charity, which is high priority for me. "People give Back brands really understand me and what I represent and care about." and Justin said that he was really involved in working with Honorine Blanc. Firmenich to smell to added: "They really Allow me to take the lead on the entire project, because I know my fans better than anyone else - to work with the team on the development of flavor itself help in preparing the bottles and packaging.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Justin Bieber Egg Tosser Arrested (17-year-old Australian teenager appeared in court on Thursday after a breach Acer Arena in Sydney and the invention of the pop star)

When people learn that you can not get away with dissing Justin Bieber? You can not criticize him for his later time, or watch "Baby" singer without Beliebers descend on you like a ton of glitter, brick text-crazy.
It is therefore not surprising that the culprit in the recent bashing Bieber Down Under quickly brought to justice for her eggs raid on the pop star. According to the Associated Press, the Australian authorities accuse 17-year hiatus in Bieber concert in Sydney Acer Arena on Friday and threw eggs at the singer. Video of the incident showed some raw egg on the stage and nearly Bieber and his performers. Bieber and his team danced in the middle attack, but the Melbourne Herald Sun reported that officials from the arena of the incident complained to the police caught wind of incentives, social networking site.
The teenager was arrested at his home in Bondi Junction, and police seized a mobile phone and other items, keeping her in custody.
unnamed youth made a statement in court in Sydney children on Thursday and was charged with breaking and entering, and the intrusion of malicious damage. He was released on bail and plans to make a statement next month. Police said the teen broke into the scene through the roof.
Bieber did not respond to the aggression of an egg, but it will take time after the last show to be with the young Australian Casey Haynes, who became famous viral video in which he advocated the rough. He invited him to come to Haines on stage shows in Melbourne and told the crowd, "Never Say Never Again" after meeting privately with him backstage.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

"Justin Bieber’s act of Generosity"

Related news around the world teen idol Justin Bieber it again on the verge of dreams come true fan. teenage girl named Payton wall, his age is 14 and whose father was killed in the 9 / 11 attacks, "Obama said at a ceremony at Ground Zero last week has been interesting to see pop star Justin Bieber, since it is a big fan of this star . Obama, in response, told him that he knew Bieber and try to do the will of the teenager becomes a reality. This girl Peyton Wall drew attention to Obama when she wrote and told him about how his father called him just before the collapse of the Twin Towers and told him that she loves him.
This girl also tried to connect via Twitter Justin Bieber 19 February 2011. In his message, she wrote that she was a terrible story and a life without music, Justin, it is unclear whether it can survive. She also acknowledged Obama, he is the music of Justin Bieber and his story picked up a chicken, she refused. And when Justin did not answer his chirping, she tried and Obama the best results.

Peyton Wall's father from Lynbrook, LI, has spent 17 years on Wall Street, including 12 in the Cantor Fitzgerald, where he died at the age of 38, he headed the Office of mortgages guaranteed by the requirements in the upper floors of the north tower.

Justin Bieber agreed to meet Peyton wall after the shooting down of New York Magazine article titled, Obama made another promise that he will not be able to maintain that the magazine no doubt that Obama will follow through its promise to hold a meeting. But the smile U is almost certain that the president will keep that promise.

"Justin Bieber’s rude Behavior in a concert"

You've probably heard the news that Justin Bieber showed very rude, arrogant, annoying behavior during a game in the Philippines. Journalists reported that Justin pushed someone so kick someone out of a CD of their hands and refuses to apologize (and its haughty distance from the plane only the material side of the palm), and tell someone "can create a backup bro? Thank you. "and tell others of his way.
The fact that the reason for the star to go from the famous to the infamous rough her loyal fans in the Philippines? Some of them have defended Justin Bieber, saying that he had lung infections and was actually throwing the breaks between concerts during her show Philippines. In fact, Justin Bieber pushes with his show because he does not want to disappoint the fans. And I have no doubt that this act has earned him great respect from the majority of people do not recoil in the series. Justin also twittered that he was "sick as a dog. But the show must go on." But who would have thought that 24 hours later, he received the adoration turned to disgust and anger.
The fan asked for autographs when Justin was on his way to board the plane, and it's hard to tell if the video is a deliberate attempt to be rude. Justin Bieber won hands of a man who held a cd for autographs, and I do not look like he did as Russell Crowe, who has accused a waitress or threw the phone at the hotel staff.
Many people leave comments on the net they sympathize for chest infection, and I admire his perseverance during a concert. But they said that it would indeed be so rude to his fans? CD was someone beats out of control really necessary? People think they know that if they were sick, they would have been in a bitter mood, but not so much that they will be arrogant and frankly rude to people who are responsible for my success among adolescents.

"Justin Bieber Hairstyle- The New Look"

Barber Justin Bieber was looking for signature and one of the reasons he was loved by his fans. Many teens went ahead and had a haircut, as Bieber gain popularity and attract girls. However, when Justin decided to completely change the look and her hair cut short, many people were happy to see the new look and mature Bieber.
Justin was a video shoot with the group when he decided to support a much more mature. He chirped a little before the haircut, which he said he thought his hair cut short. He said he supports the same form for three years and must be the hair from his eyes, and new developments.
Barber Justin tweeted that Vanessa new Justin Bieber in 2011 and is the only person allowed to touch the hair, Justin. look not only that Justin decided to maturity, he decided to give a lock of his hair for charity at a high price. One lucky man will have to buy a lock of hair, but not before he traveled the country for charity. Yes Hair Justin has toured across the country and be photographed with him for the award, as well as for charitable purposes.

justin bieber haircut

Friday, 27 May 2011

"Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Kiss In Hawaii Photos"

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has spent time in Hawaii in the ass, playing catch on the beach. not so secret, the couple can not keep their hands off each other while sitting. They were spotted kissing several times, and Justin has consistently object capture Selene. She always hugged him and ran in a purple bikini that leaves little room for imagination.

Bieber and Selena kissed no matter what they do. Parachute ... kisses, water skiing ... kiss ... Capture of drinks ... kiss and some slap and tickle ... swim in the ocean ... Straddling Fish Stocks and kiss ... walk from the beach ... Kiss I think you get the idea. I do not watch child pornography, you can click here to see photos of our friends and dirty laundry biography.

Bieber also broadcast his new tattoo that would say: "Jesus" in Hebrew. I am sure that PR "J would not have approved of his public display foreplay.You can also click here to see what's blockbuster Justin and Selena went and who was the companion.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

"Popularity of Justin Bieber Wig"

It is very interesting to know what hair style wig Justin Bieber became very popular in
adolescents. This is a website that provides the only real aspect style wigs
Justin Bieber on Halloween, any concert or Justin Bieber party. This
youg pop star known for his boy, his hair blown and those perpetually Justin
Beeber wigs are perfect if you try to create the perfect Halloween Justin Bieber
function, or you need!

Justine has a style trend. It was noted that dozens of teenagers
wigs like. His wig in one end of such accessories for all occasions
primarily used during Halloween. Wig Justine is a true blonde and consists of
synthetic fibers of high standards of quality and not just what is the inner lining of the wig
Adjustable for comfort and convenience.

Besides Justin Bieber wig on the selling price by giving you the opportunity to save more
ten dollars for the purchase.

Justin Bieber recently surprised his fans by wearing a wig and covered the precious
hair. This boy likes to dress up. He noted that part of the reason
Name Florian bet he can recognize any city with more than 500,000 people simply
looking at the cover photo with him night and via satellite. In fact, Justin Bieber
had to say if he believes or not the fact that he could do it and he said "no"
and lost, because Florian surprisingly found all the cities.

Basically, the bet that if he was going to lose, Justin Bieber have to wear a wig
much like with blond hair Rapporteur. Although Justin did not do so in
At first, he eventually gave up and Thomas Gottschalk put on a wig that its resemblet
hair. Funny moment was applauded by the spectators.

"Justin Bieber buys 25k necklace"

Justin Bieber splashed $ 25,000 on a necklace. "Baby" Hitmaker also had a hand in developing the new jewel, which is based on the animated talking "Family Guy" baby Stewie Griffin - voiced by Seth MacFarlane - and has 12 carats of rubies and diamonds.

Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben helped the singer for 17 years with a necklace, saying: "One Time" singer "had a certain vision of how he wanted to watch."

In addition to her latest gem, Justin - who is dating "Wizards of Waverly Place actress Selena Gomez - recently revealed a new tattoo below the left armpit.

pen input - It is believed that spell Yeshua, the Hebrew spelling of Jesus - was photographed on the body of the singer when he was vacationing in Hawaii with Selena.

He is the second tattoo after the singer signed a bird paintings on the left thigh, soon after the age of 16 in March last year.

"Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on Date"

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on Date:Before leaving for Hawaii for Sun Beach Holiday, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez a common date - with two of his bodyguards! - Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas. The duo was hunting for a pizza location "-. secret restaurant, which serves pastries, hidden hotel in New York in accordance with the spectators, pizza smiled and grabbed two wins in chowed down.
• Ryan Phillippe came out at night with the guys at Koi in Los Angeles, where the actor shared a late dinner with friends. Despite attempts to remain anonymous, hoodie, an actor from the main table on the terrace as he enjoyed a meal with laughter.
• In addition, Koi (optional): Jennifer Hudson, who suggested that the rock shrimp with butter and spicy seared albacore while fishing with two friends.
• Before the flight, a friend of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo dropped in Wildwood BBQ New York City for brunch before the flight. Lachey ordered a burger and beer, while sipping iced tea Minnillo with her eggs and chest.
• Bachelor Pad Tenley Molzahn star celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend Kiptyn Locke at Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Two joins castmate Jesse Kovacs and his friend, fitness model has a bachelor's and Albertson Valishia Savage. During the trip, the group disbanded in the pool and enjoy the R & R in private homes. And as a special treat, the birthday girl and enjoy your own gluten cake.

2011 Kids' Choice Awards Winners: Justin Bieber, iCarly, Selena Gomez and more!

The vase has been domed and airships were awarded. 2011 Kids' Choice Awards saw a record 200 million votes cast in 20 categories. Fans voted for their favorites and here are some highlights.
On television, "iCarly" won the favorite TV show. "Wizards of Waverly Place" star Selena Gomez won the favorite actress of television. Member of the Disney star Dylan Sprouse won the favorite TV actor, "Life on deck."
In music, Selena new man Justin Bieber, who is on tour in Europe, won the favorite singer. Black Eyed Peas has been named the best band!
In the movie, Miley Cyrus won the airship, and so did Jackie Chan! Film Jackie and Jaden Smith "Karate Kid" won the favorite movie.
It was an exciting evening. You prefer to win?
See the full list of winners of the Kids Choice Awards 2011:
Favorite movie: "Karate Kid"
Favorite movie actor: Johnny Depp, "Alice in Wonderland"
Favorite actress: Miley Cyrus, "The Last Song"
Favorite animated movie: "despicable Me"
Favorite Voice from an animated movie: Eddie Murphy, "Shrek forever"
ButtKicker favorite Jackie Chan, "Karate Kid"
Favorite TV show: "iCarly"
Favorite Television Actor Dylan Sprouse, Suite Life on Deck "
Favorite Television Actress: Wizards Selena Gomez 'of Waverly Place "
Favorite TV sidekick: Jennette McCurdy "iCarly"
Favorite reality show: "American Idol"
Favorite musical group: Black Eyed Peas
Favorite singer: Justin Bieber
Favorite singer: Katy Perry
Favorite song: Justin Bieber "Baby"
Favorite Male Athlete: Shaquille O'Neal
Favorite book: Diary of a Wimpy Kids Series
Favorite video game: Just Dance 2
Favorite Cartoon: "SpongeBob SquarePants"
Help a great price: Justin Timberlake

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Friendship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez"

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez did not receive a positive response from his fans

after the announcement of their friendship. Especially the fans really show their jealousy

by Selena Gomez. Both were friends for about two years and finally became public

their relationship two months ago.

Selena Gomez, a young singer, talented actress, who is now the center of

Hate campaign on the Internet has admitted she was hurt by the harsh word against her writing. Selena

mentioned that she was very angry because since the publication of their images

Justine kiss last month, the issue becomes hot stones to his words without pity

writing on sites like Twitter and other social sites that were difficult to

her cope.

According to journalist largely happy for Justin that his friendship with Selena

She said she would do anything for Justine. She also noted that both

Very well and understand each other very much. They both are young and do

what they like. She also acknowledged that it is high he had to say.

Most of you must think, why Selena Gomez gets the kind of threats.

Well there is a possibility that these trolls do not really hold a grievance against

Selena. They reacted so that any potential partner. Because we are all

know that Justine has a few aficionados. There are many examples described

various websites and one of them involves a case where some fans drawn in

Packed in hopes of sneaking into the building for one of his shows.

And of course some fans of Selena are upset because they think that Selena had lied

them. Because many times they were caught cuddling or affection

Selena said they were just good friends.

"Justin Bieber in Sydney"

new world of music is very hot, Justin Bieber, he was hit with eggs during a concert in Sydney, Australia. There were actually six eggs were thrown at singer Baby ", as he and some backup dancers miss a beat during their shows.

Bieber was hit with eggs during a concert in Sydney, Australia. Six eggs had all missed the singer "Baby", that he and some backup dancers miss a beat during their shows. Stage hands cleaned egg damage, he said. Well, this is not the first time Ustin Bieber was blown up during the concert. In the summer of 2010, Justin was struck by a water bottle during a concert. It is expected that Bieber may require to provide helmets for their next show.

It was the middle of his speech in the six eggs tossed at the scene reported. Some people think that Justin Bieber allegedly threatened to cancel the concert, he left no word a few eggs, flying him to stop the seizure of the world, and came on the scene after being cleaned.

Media said they were not sure who is a joke, it was: only the yolk or hate Bieber, who had paid money for tickets to see him, and attended by more than an hour before his invention ("One Time" is one of the final figures).

Well there is news that Qantas flight attendant is not too kindly Bieber and his guards to leave their seats while one of the company's aircraft was the tax from the terminal of the runway at Sydney Airport on Sunday. It was reported that the crew of the aircraft "was the order of" Bieber and his guards to take his place and calling their behavior "security threat", the stewardess said the pop star he was "behaving like a child" and "therefore, will be treated as such."

"Justin Bieber Meets With Japanese Children, Victims Of The Tsunami"

Justin Bieber meets with Japanese children, whose lives were destroyed by earthquakes, tsunamis and the nuclear crisis, which forced thousands of families to flee their homes.

The boy is reading a map children Bieber, thanking him for meeting them.

"We have friends who have lost their families and homes, some of them dropped out of school. the city is covered with debris, and it will take a long time to get back to normal, but we will work for this. S 'you give us the courage in your music "."the boy said.

"Things can get better and things will get better. There are times that good to come, " said JB.

Last month, Justin has already contributed to the charity album "Songs for Japan, " with various artists, which has raised more than $ 5 million.

Recently, Justin tweeted:
"just met some amazing kids who have been through a lot because of the devastation in Japan. a chance to meet them and proud to know"

"Caption this: Justin Bieber Rihanna reveals her new App Cool or what"

Is it just me or not, in the history of cell phones, never had something interesting to show you that they should be like, "OMG, look at this!"? I'm very sorry, for some reason, people who want me to look at your mobile phone to read text messages or dumb tweet my biggest upsets. And if any of these photos Hipstamatic? Please. Just spare me the time to pretend to care about your lame life.

Anyway, this is exactly what Justin Bieber did yesterday Rihanna game NBA All-Star. It was a sport much better than I would have been ("Fuck you, Bieber! "), but this kind of behavior I expect from the queen, as she is.

And check out the pictures below and tell me that Biebr little shit with joy as he sat next to Rihanna. Selena Hope is not the jealous type

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Justin Bieber - The Next King of Pop?!

After the death of the true king of pop Michael Jackson, there was no position open for a brilliant new star to fill the gap. While no one can replace Michael, we believe that this is the one who tries hard to fight for the new title of King of Pop! Justin Bieber opens the door to the fire when he performs! Just check out these photos of him live last night!

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