Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The geekery of Leah: Justin Bieber, new iPhone landed shells!

Every Monday, Leah is back with his geekery and this week up to our favorite Justin Bieber with freshly landed new iPhone cases! justinbibergreat.com shows you everything

Last week, the geekery you Leah offered to customize your computers or other stickers with One Direction. This week it's time to freshen up your iPhone with the new phone covers Justin Bieber! Today comes a new collection of iPhone cases 4 or 4S, just before the release of the iPhone 5, eagerly awaited by all geeks around the world. Justin Bieber is far from finished with the company: a new CD, a book scheduled for September, which promises to live a rather grand, the young man is everywhere and we know how you love to customize your personal belongings bearing the image of your idol. So in addition to the applications on their account, your phone itself will become the new accessory trend this summer with her great hull! Prices range from 24.99 dollars to 54.99 dollars and are available at cellairis.com! Swag glasses, Pop-Art style, sequins or simply angelic face of our favorite Justin Bieber, what is your favorite shell? Which will provide a hull Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber: Believe Tour, he reveals the secrets of his first tour

It will have escaped no one, Justin Bieber actively preparing for its upcoming world tour, the Believe Tour. justinbiebergreat.com reveals the secrets of the first tour

The singer gives 100% during rehearsals and never misses an opportunity to share his moments of hard work with his fans. After Justin Bieber we have unveiled the best videos of the cast of dancers for the Believe Tour, now he gives us the first secrets of his tour. It has indeed confirmation that the Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen will well the first part of the Believe Tour. With his hit Call Me Maybe we do not doubt one second that she set fire to the room before the arrival of Justin. Besides the young man promises that his show is unheard of for her fans who will spend an extraordinary moment. But it was not until Sept. 29 to get the confirmation for this is that day that the Believe Tour will start at Glendale United States. There are about beliebers to be in the room for us to post videos! Also know that Justin Bieber concerts in France still does not display complete so if you want, you can still buy your place.

Justin Bieber assures us that the Believe Tour will be stunning!

Carly Rae Jepsen will also be involved!

Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez, the couple's most powerful Internet

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez are surely the most glamorous couple of Hollywood, but they are mostly the couple's most powerful Internet.

Justin Bieber we unveiled the first secrets of his tour of the Believe Tour this morning, and this is another great news for all beliebers: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are the couple's most powerful net! Indeed, the information was confirmed by the site filmindustrynetwork.biz: the two lovers would wait a total of 50 million Internet searches in a month! On average, research their torque rise up to 50.6 million, research on Justin Bieber only go up to 30.4 million and those on Selena Gomez reach 20 million. Of their choice to look at their haircuts through their tours and the MTV Video Music Awards, everything is looking! Impressive no? And you girls, what research you are doing the most online?

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