Sunday, 31 July 2011

Poquoson Teen Justin Bieber Asked To Prom

Adi Eimer considers itself one of the biggest fans of Justin Bieber.

Poquoson High School senior posters teen pop star on her bedroom wall, and she knows all the words to each of his songs. She even persuaded her mother to travel hundreds of miles, that she and her sister could meet with him.
"I just love it," said Cady, 17. "He really Relatable and sounds really good man."

A devoted fan of teen hopes to return the love Bieber later this year, and accompany her to the senior prom.

Cady said the musician, to be her date, a high school dance earlier this year with the help of YouTube videos on its One Less Lonely Prom website.

Web site - which is named after Bieber "One Less Lonely Girl" song - was created in January Cady and her two friends for the sole purpose of obtaining Bieber, to be her prom date.

Cady, who met twice Bieber last year in concert in Norfolk and Greensboro, North Carolina, said she wants to, Bieber, to be her prom date, so that she could know him better.

"I saw him in a real sound check, where he was laughing, joking and telling everyone," she said. "He really seemed like someone I would be friends."

She said that her friends helped her to come up with the idea to ask to the prom Bieber.

For months, Cady posted several videos on its own and with her sister posing the question in the stars. Her latest video - which she posted in April - especially Cady and her sister, wearing bandanas, caps and sweaters rap about why Bieber should take her to prom.

"I like you for you to get your mom would approve," Cady said of rap.

Cady became Internet sensation after a reporter wrote in the Huffington Post earlier this week on its website. Over the past week, her story has been featured on numerous blogs, in addition to Access Hollywood and the OK magazine.

Mom Cady, in Cheri Eimer, said she never thought her daughter would get a site much attention.
"I'm proud of her," she said. "If they had this technology when I was a teenager, I asked my celebrity crush go the prom with me. No matter how it turns out she lives her life without having to look back and say that if" questions.

Cady said Bieber did not respond to her video.

Nevertheless, celebrities joining fans on their special day is not unheard of. Singer Justin Timberlake and actress Mila Kunis has recently accepted an invitation to participate in the Marine Corps Ball this year after watching a YouTube video posted by fans.

Cady said that she has the support of friends, family, schoolmates, and dozens of people who have posted a YouTube video supporting her request on the Internet.

She was not sure who she'll take to the prom if Bieber unable to attend.

"I have not really thought about it," she said.

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