Monday, 30 April 2012

Justin Bieber fans I deal with

Justin Bieber is still strange when he is "attacked" by over-enthusiastic female fans. The fresh air of 18 stars in Canada and funky mix of singing have earned him fans worldwide.

 It is used for girls who cry when they see now and discuss some of his most unusual moments with fans. "I got attacked by girls running to me, I've had girls have tattoos," he laughs. "It's crazy just to be able to experience things that I experienced.

Voyager and still get the same answer that I got for a while now. Coming to the UK and with all the support fans [new single] Boyfriend, I think he just really special and I can not wait for people to hear the album because I worked very hard for her. "

Justin believes new album is due out in June and is special to him because it's very personal.

The star wrote about things that have happened to him, as when he was falsely accused of fathering a baby. He also wrote an ode to his mother, Pattie, because it is very grateful for the way he grew up.

"It was just a great mom and have supported my career. She moved across the world to help me has been incredible and I wanted to show that in my album. I mean, yes, she is my mother for her is always telling me what to do, "Dawn told UK TV show.

"I wanted to be able to write about things in my life and not be afraid of things that have actually occurred. I wanted to talk about rumors and address things that I could not speak before. I wanted to show people in this this album is me and this is really organic. "

Justin is currently dating fellow pop star Selena Gomez. He praised his singing talent, but fans should not expect to work together anytime soon.

"She is super talented and I would not mind working with her. I mean, no, she does her thing and I do my thing and that's it basically," he said.

After controversial statement, Justin Bieber says he loves Indonesia

Following a storm of criticism after calling Indonesia "a country at random," pop star Justin Bieber said Monday he loves Indonesia.

"A rumor I will not stay to say that me and my fans were not real," he tweeted on his Twitter account @ justinbieber. "Indonesia I see you. I love you. I love all my fans. # Done "

He also tweeted, "You can not break us. All the lies and rumors in the world can not eliminate us. # This is family."

Bieber was heavily criticized by fans Indonesian musicians and radio DJs, after his statement to the Supperclub in London about his new album, "Believe."

"I was in a country at random," Bieber began, as his manager Scott "Scooter" Braun, exclaimed: ". Indonesia "

"I recorded in a studio," said Bieber. "Some little space. They did not know what they were doing."

On Saturday, the Indonesian pop singer Syahrini Bieber demanded an apology to Indonesian fans.

On his Twitter account, Syahrini, which has nearly 500,000 followers, tweeted, "Justin Bieber has apologized to the Indonesian people."

Amid criticism, a radio station in Medan, North Sumatra, has decided to ban songs Bieber.

Frina, a director of the radio station, told the Jakarta Globe on Monday that the reason behind the ban of his songs was nationalism.

"We banned him temporarily until the end of April," said Frina. "We do not yet know whether it applies or not."

Frina said the radio station did not demand an apology that had Syahrina, but I wanted to express his opinion on the statement of Bieber.

"However, he posted something acknowledging Indonesia in his Twitter," said Frina.

His latest tweets have received positive reactions from fans in Indonesia.

Twitter account @ JbieberofIndo wrote, "I cried when I saw Justin tweeted something about Indonesia. Beliebers Indonesia Loves Justin Bieber. "

Another fan club in style with the Twitter account @ Jb Indonesia had a similar reaction.

"Indonesia Loves Justin Bieber. We never leave him because we are true beliebers."

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Miley Cyrus jealous of Selena Gomez?

Miley Cyrus has become increasingly difficult to cope with the growing success of Selena Gomez in music or film. Especially since she herself is struggling to revive his career in these areas ...

Right now, Selena Gomez is on top. Her relationship with Justin Bieber is looking good, his albums and singles sell well, it hit in concert and has just completed filming of Spring Breakers, where she toured with no less than James Franco. Not bad for his first real movie ... But inevitably, such success attracts the jealousy and envy. And if any one who might well be jealous, it's Miley Cyrus.

Indeed, the latter has a much more difficult to reconnect with his past success. His troubles and provocations have wearied many of his fans. Result? His musical career has stalled and the icing on the cake, she just learned that his film LOL not experience success, its circulation was restricted to a few cities. So, according to the site StarAgora, Miley Cyrus is deeply jealous of her friend and colleague from Disney. She could not bear to hear the film Spring Breakers and have also carried out his wrath on Vanessa Hudgens, who also plays in the film. Soon the war of Disney heroines?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez history without a future? The blunder in the Biebs interview ...

Sometimes Justin Bieber had better turn the tongue seven times in his mouth before speaking! Boyfriend of the singer made ​​a gaffe in an interview saying he was waiting for the right person before getting engaged. Selena Gomez must be really angry!

While it was thought that Selena and Justin lived a story without a cloud, you lose. But the singer had offered Baby a beautiful ring to his girlfriend and new engagement rumors had appeared on the web a few days ago.

But no, Justin and Selena are not going to marry. After the preview of his album that we have seen, Justin Bieber was interviewed by the newspaper Le Parisien which he told to wait for the right person to marry. Oops!

Fortunately, Justin makes up just pointing out that this does in no way saying that Selena is not the right person for him. But Justin already feel the backlash because he explains that his girlfriend will certainly be furious against him. And there was good reason!

Salt poor ', who thought she had found the perfect baby ... Anyway, Justin Bieber has not finished talking with the upcoming release of his album, Believe. The first songs we could listen are also great and we are eager to discover more.

Justin Bieber in bed with Selena Gomez is nude or pajamas?

Justin Bieber is THE favorite star of adolescent girls. And when one is as revered as he should be prepared to answer the most troublesome and most personal. This is what happened when the baby was in Bieber interview for Australian radio Nova. Asked what he wore (or did not) to sleep, the boyfriend of Selena Gomez replied frankly. A question that should interest many naughty fans of the performer Boyfriend ...

Justin Bieber admits he does not do much when he sleeps. We can already imagine the excitement of beliebers to imagine their favorite singer in the nude. But make no mistake about it! If the buddy Jaden Smith does not feel quite at ease with pajamas or a t-shirt to sleep, Justin Bieber recognizes however bear ... a boxer! Information that should still tickle the admirers of Justin.

But that's not all! The prodigy of the song has also confessed in the interview to be a big fan of it and hug to the delight of Selena Gomez. It is true that there are more photos of Justin Bieber and his princess kissing or to make calinous in public.

And since we are at the moment faiths, we would like to know if there's protege Usher account very soon ask to marry his lover ....

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Justin Bieber-Believe Album Cover Check It Out!

Can you believe it?!

Everyone suffers from Bieber fever, beware! Justin Bieber tweeted his album cover for Believe tonight and, as usual, his loot makes you wanna sit by the fireside fondue while eatin '.

"This is version # BELIEVEalbumCover standard," he tweeted.

So what are you waiting for?! Take a look:

Bieber, then follow up with a second tweet included a version of the image even sepia, "and it is the DELUXE BELIEVEalbumCover # - # 52DAYS -?. Excited to expect the unexpected "

The album cover features Biebs' boy-yet-adult face looking over his shoulder (to you if you stand to the right a bit) with a golden banner that says "Believe." Inspired, no?

It's super simple and yet it works so well.

Now all we have to wait is the full version of the video "Boyfriend" music out, which feels like forever.

Gosh, who knew JB was such a tease?

Justin Bieber: The singer, teen idol, Disruptive Innovation

Justin Bieber is credited with a lot of things - to have good hair, singing catchy tunes, and encourage girls to go wild. But today he and his manager, Scooter Braun, were recognized for something a little different - ". Innovators disruptive" being

 Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun OK Disruptive Innovation Awards. Photo credit: ABC News 

With other leaders and entrepreneurs, including Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and filmmaker and actor Ed Burns, Bieber and Braun agreed price Tribeca breakthrough innovation. Prices, which are symbolically in the form of a hammer, to honor those who have disrupted the industry new technologies, ideas and strategies. Professor at Harvard Business School and author Clayton Christensten coined the term "disruptive innovation" and spoke at the event.

Bieber and Braun spoke of how the Internet will help the height of fame. Braun discovered Bieber Justin Bieber on YouTube and is well known for his obsessive use of Twitter to communicate and make the fans.

"For me, I have to interact with my fans. I take the time of my day to reweet fans," said Bieber spoke at the event at New York University.

                  Justin Bieber accepts Award for disruptive innovation. Photo credit: ABC News

And now Bieber and Braun are using the web and social networks to find talent even more. The two of them discovered the promising singer Carly Rae Jepsen on YouTube and are now "paying the future," says Braun. Jepsen signed with the record of Braun in February.

Twenty-eight people were honored with hammers disruptive innovators in the ceremony. But Bieber could have just summed up all the achievements of the recipients the best ". I would not be here without Internet"

Monday, 23 April 2012

Representative Justin Bieber calls the Bulls --- "engagement rumors

Rumors erupted on Thursday that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez would be getting engaged after the two were spotted "looking rings." E! Online reports that a representative of Justin, 18, states that the possibility of a compromise is not true, and that's not just a rumor going around.

A mock interview in a fake site called "Socyberty" claims that had an exclusive interview with the Biebs. Gossip Cop reports that in the interview, the site claims that Bieber wants to attend Cornell in the fall and potentially render her sensual 19-year-old girlfriend, Selena, to make the university "in the right way." His agent, Scooter Braun, has since put the two rumors to rest. In fact, Us Weekly that the rumors are "bulls ---" and said his team could not stop laughing at the rumors of engagement.

Bieber, once revealed his philosophy on dating, saying, "I think being honest and patient, because girls can be difficult at times, so just be patient. That's two. Forgive, and have fun, because it is fun. last? be faithful ". His representative added that Selena and Justin share a relationship "normal" adolescence.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Justin Bieber reveals: I do not wear Boxers To Bed

We can die happy now that we know the answer to that burning question about underwear Justin Bieber!

Forget your pajamas! Justin Bieber loves to disassemble when he sleeps, or at least that's what he admitted in an interview tell-all on April 19.

"I sleep in my boxers and [no shirt]," the pop star for 18 years told the Australia New radio channel 96.9, laughing a little.

This fact should not be a surprise to beliebers true, as Justin loves showing off her underwear every time he walks around. We saw his purple boxers oodles of time!


Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber Smooch Kiss Cam "humiliating", "Awkward" + "bizarre"

                                        WHAT TO JUSTIN!?

"The most humiliating thing that ever happened to me."

"He was so clumsy."

"It was so weird."

These are all ways Selena Gomez described the kiss she shared with BF Justin Bieber was seen 'round the world.

Salt and Biebs hit the Lakers game Tuesday (April 17) and the famous Kiss Cam narrowed on adolescents famous. They have a lock on the lip. Gomez told Ryan Seacrest that he was embarrassing to kiss her main squeeze in front of so many onlookers.

                                              Hands where we can see 'em Bieber ...

"Oh gosh! This is probably the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me!" Selena told Ryan Seacrest in his radio show. "They were showing these little older couples, and he was so cute. Then suddenly we are both looking and we get on [the screen] and it's like ... it was so awkward . It was so bizarre. I mean you have to kiss, right? "

                              Hair experts will be able to check this brunette is not Selena ...

We think that the kiss was sweet and romantic, but before the attack enemies Gomez to describe a PDA with the object of affection as girls in what appears to be a negative light, put yourself in her Louboutins and think about it from his point of view. Who wants to go out for the world to see? Can be associated with his feeling shy about it. This does not mean she does not like and appreciate the Biebs, do not begin to attack him on his words.

                                Not use a smile, we repeat THIS IS NOT SELENA ...

Salt has also focused on his film, "Spring Breakers," saying he should be out next spring break. She commented on the media attention surrounding the film, in which it puts its image good girl. "Nobody must have known about it, "she said." It was an independent film, was supposed to have a closed set, but he got out of hand with the media. There are about four girls who can not afford to go to spring break, so they use water guns to rob a convenience store and go to Florida. "

          No, she is an actress who was paid to kiss JB's latest video for Boyfriend (last concert)
His next film is an action movie co-starring Ethan Hawke called "The Getaway," which she described as a car chase for the whole movie. She is currently shooting in Bulgaria shortly.

Gomez took calls from fans. They were all females and gushes over her. She confirmed that she has also recorded most of his recording in Spanish, but she has some other songs to do to complete it. "It will come out, I promise, eventually," she said. It's just a matter of time.

                       Selena said this PDA embarrassed him, the blush is what he gave away ...

Gomez also spoke of her beauty "must have" and it's very simple, affordable and necessary substance. She said, "I need moisturizer. That's my thing up, for sure. And a rectifier, since my hair is crazy without it. And ChapStick, which is always nice."

                  Shows Selena Gomez Interview with Ryan Seacrest

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